After it all, she made it here and things will not be like last year

15-01-2019 13:03:28


15-01-2019 09:48:52

как же все таки приятно ощущать, что где-то на за земле есть твой человек. который понимает тебя полностью. которому ты можешь доверить все. вы можете общаться раз в месяц, но всегда знать что этот человек у вас есть. это тот тип дружбы который я искала. это то, что я обрела. все таки, жизнь прекрасна. спокойной ночи

14-01-2019 16:10:41

ночь убивает обилием мыслей в голове. ужасное, ужасное время, но в то же время самое прекрасное и любимое мною.

13-01-2019 16:36:49


12-01-2019 14:55:23


12-01-2019 11:27:53

No hard feelings

12-01-2019 02:19:28

Is it too soon to want summery, balmy days again? In the meantime we on the east coast bundle up! Not so bad when you consider the fashion choices A friend recently asked me what I got for XMAS. Thinking on it I'd say I'm grateful for: Family & my other Half ️ My wonderful circle of friends I met a new niece over Christmas & she's even cuter in person than in pics With energy galore! Where does it come from?! The Christmas decorations that are still up. Maybe a reminder to savor the spirit of the season...It's just happy 🤩 Just taking time to reflect on the little (and big) joys in life. One IG post at a time . What are you grateful for this year? Happy #Thursday friends

10-01-2019 19:38:59

Facebook saw it first

06-01-2019 09:59:51

Fun day of filming with an amazing director and crew! Know those commercials that feature a delicious sandwich? With cheese oozing as you split the bread? You'd be amazed how involved the setup is to get that winning, mouthwatering shot! I think a lot of us were hungry by the end! 🤩 #wawa #wawarun . . #girlboss #influencer #styleblogger #nyblogger #lablogger #glam #legit #iglookbook #phillyfoodie #stylemacarons #glamstyle #inspohood #lightandshadows #prettylittleiiinspo #setlife #actorlife #likekitunder100 #fashioninfluencers #dressesup #clothingrequest #anxoutfit #otiums #msftsootd #queenoutfits #fashiondiaries #smile #bluejewelry #blueshades

05-01-2019 20:36:14


05-01-2019 14:16:47

Happy New Year friends Wishing you a 2019 that's bright with possibilities! May this be the year you find your balance and focus on the PRESENT and not what is next...Isn't that why it's called a gift? Let 2019 be the year you make your dreams a reality. Who else is ready to make this a great year!⭐

03-01-2019 18:29:18

02-01-2019 12:18:59

02-01-2019 07:24:14

Happy New Year, my friends! 🥳 : @apollo98 Styled by @crykitsplayhouse

01-01-2019 18:48:19


01-01-2019 15:03:16

01-01-2019 09:46:46


01-01-2019 06:50:54

30-12-2018 13:01:22

So tell me you love me‍️

28-12-2018 13:49:44

Love them so much

26-12-2018 21:00:40


26-12-2018 07:17:04

#christmas for #1

25-12-2018 04:56:54

Nasaan naba yung jowa ko, bakit ang tagal.

24-12-2018 04:31:48

could we forget about the time

23-12-2018 20:35:51

Are you coming back into my arms. To love me again

22-12-2018 09:04:01

I love it when I catch you looking at me️

20-12-2018 08:30:30

Yung walang tao sa cr🤦‍️HAHAHAHAHA

19-12-2018 10:21:39

18-12-2018 08:40:10

вместо подготовки к экзаменам я читаю книжечки.

17-12-2018 12:09:37

Who's excited for Christmas

17-12-2018 10:45:28


17-12-2018 07:14:35

Short hair, nobody cares.

16-12-2018 08:57:59

15-12-2018 12:23:56

escape the ordinary

14-12-2018 14:12:07

Это очень тонкое понятие: всё, что вы любите и есть вы.

14-12-2018 11:20:00


13-12-2018 10:37:28


06-12-2018 12:21:50

Ang init pre HAHAHAHA

06-12-2018 12:19:15

Thank you, stay

01-12-2018 10:05:57


21-11-2018 23:55:48

Some people feel the rain Others just get wet.

21-11-2018 06:04:00

чем холоднее и беспросветнее темнота снаружи, тем уютнее кажется теплый мягкий свет в квартире. и если лето — это время убегать из дома навстречу несбыточным мечтам подростковой души, то поздняя осень — время возвращаться.

18-11-2018 15:20:29

не рекомендую смотреть мне в глаза, в них слишком узко там chinatown

14-11-2018 12:30:39

No hard feelings

12-11-2018 02:26:54

Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be🧡

11-11-2018 10:30:16

: @be.evangel HAWAII VLOG on my youtube like&subscribe kappa or link in bio :^)

06-11-2018 10:14:40

Every moment matters️

06-11-2018 02:59:17

I’d rather be in bed

05-11-2018 09:41:51

The sun will rise and we will try again.

04-11-2018 12:27:51

I liked this hike :) this one was my favorite! mud & jungle & not exhausting & pretty views : @cawreesuh

04-11-2018 00:27:12

IF YOU DONT LOVE ME AT MY you dont deserve me at my L M AO : @be.evangel

02-11-2018 20:36:38

I have nothing to say

31-10-2018 17:58:01

31-10-2018 11:20:36


31-10-2018 01:32:38

And if tomorrow never comes We had last night.

30-10-2018 08:48:04

25-10-2018 13:39:02


25-10-2018 05:08:31