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We got so lucky with 70 degree weather for our trip to the Wooden Shoe Tulip festival. I’ve such bad luck with the weather in past visits that I wasn’t sure I’d go this year until Katie said she’d never been, and Stephanie said she wanted to go. There’s no way I could pass up a day out with these two gems and it turned out to be a perfect day in every way. 🥰 #oregonflowerfarm #funthingstodonearportland #flowerfarm #oregontulipfestival #tulipfarm #tulips #springblooms #spring

4/15/2024, 5:16:18 PM

We are officially SOLD OUT of our Mother’s Day Bouquet Bar & Goat Happy Hour!! 🙌🏻❤️ We’ll be scheduling more starting in June! Stay tuned! 🐐❤️💐🌈 #bouquetbar #flowers #flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #oregonflowerfarm #buildyourownbouquet

4/12/2024, 2:10:14 PM

When life is hard I turn to family, friends, meditation, Nature and flowers. It’s a good time to remember that amidst the struggles, life is renewed by these relationships and by things that raise my limbs, eyes and lips towards expressions of beauty. Oh, and here’s a carload of flowers on their way to their new homes by way of @ashlandfoodcoop @medfordfoodcoop @jeffersonfarmkitchen @gogisrestaurant @rebelheartbooks @cerberuscoffeeco and all of my other wonderful Spring CSA members.

4/11/2024, 8:26:41 PM

Fringe tulips from the garden.

4/11/2024, 4:42:58 AM

Although I am perfectly happy to enjoy the seconds on my table, sometimes the first cut of a crop hits just right. Look at these beauties that my sweet hubs @theotherotheraaron brought home for me.... Peonies in the market soon! #oregonflowerfarm #raindropflowers #pnwgrownflowers #peonies #firstoftheseason

4/11/2024, 3:36:25 AM

I love color. Have you noticed?! Butterfly ranunculus is delightful. Earlier than Italian Ranunculus, super vigorous and needs less coddling, soft colors and long lasting. I can’t wait to grow more next year.

4/9/2024, 10:59:51 PM

We have CSA Bouquet Subscriptions available! We are SO excited to be in our OFFICAL 2nd year of flower farming and I am IN LOVE! This year, we have some really unique varieties. Because obviously...I’m a fan of doing things different! You can pick up at the farm or pick up at Corazón Wine Bar & Kitchen or...we’ll even deliver (delivery extra) We would be so honored to have you as a part of our CSA where we not only are farming happiness with our goats, but with our flowers too! https://noregretsflowerfarm.goatyoga.net/shop/ #bouquetsubscriptions #csabouquets #flowerfarm #oregonflowerfarm #oregonflowerfarms #csaflowers #supportlocal #supportlocalbusiness

4/9/2024, 10:35:16 PM

Local folks - have you been missing your Saturday flower fix? Here's your chance to get your hands on lovely, springy, specialty tulips. 🌷12 stem mixed bunch for $20, mostly pinks 🌷Pick up is Wednesday (4/10) between 3 and 6 at Rainbow Kitchen, downtown Roseburg 🌷Prepay via Venmo or PayPal 🌷Order by direct message - orders must be in by noon on Tuesday This system is evolving, soon there will be a website and more choice but for now I'm keeping it simple! #localflowers #rainbowkitchen #specialtycutflowers #tulips #chemicalfreeflowers #roseburgoregon #downtownroseburg #farmfreshflowers #apricotimpression #finola #oregonflowerfarm #southernoregonflowerfarm

4/8/2024, 5:03:50 PM

The ranunculus are opening and they are so pretty. . . . . . . . . . . #oregonflowerfarm #ranunculus #flowerfarmer

4/8/2024, 4:46:43 AM

I looove how good Spring smells. You know the old adage, “Stop and smell the daffodils “, right?😉. Advice to live by… Photo by @idyllwildstudio With cool sweatshirt art by @shannatrumblyart

4/7/2024, 7:30:58 PM

We’re at the tail end of narcissus season, so if you love that heady scent of springtime and buoyant, joyful bundles of locally grown floral sunshine then come grab some at the shop. We’ll be harvesting this weekend and stocked on Monday. #oregonflowers #oregonflowerfarm #botanicalpickmeup #southernoregonflowerfarm #moodforfloral #southernoregonwedding #weddingflowers #mybloominglens #aflowerfilledlife #sustainableflorist #excessivelydivertedbyflowers #ayearinflowers #ashlandoregon #florallife #floraldesigner #oregonflorist #narcissusflower #daffodilseason #locallygrownflowers #realflowersoftheseason #oregongrownflowers #slowflowers #daffodils🌼

4/6/2024, 4:37:58 AM

So much ranunculus. 🥰

4/5/2024, 6:38:41 AM

Bouquet Subscriptions Available! Get a CSA Subscription and keep it for yourself or send it to a friend, client or family member! We have several subscriptions types available. From a FULL season of bouquets, to sunflowers or dahlias! Pick up at the farm or pickup in Corvallis. (We deliver, but it’s extra!) We have limited available so order yours today! #bouquet #bouquetsubscription #localflowerfarm #csabouquet #csasubscriptions #buylocal #supportlocal #oregonflowerfarm https://noregretsflowerfarm.goatyoga.net/shop/

4/5/2024, 1:56:09 AM

A note on eye production in dahlias.. This was my answer to a question in a dahlia growing group about how long to wait for eyes to show before you consider a tuber trash?? My answer.. Sometimes it can take months... As a long-time grower and seller, we dig through bins looking for eyes when we ship from March to late May and even into June. They all eye up differently and some take MUCH longer to show than others... The ones we did compost that were "blind" all ended up growing sprouts during the summer, and it looked like a bunch of potatoes were growing out of the compost, but it was freaking DAHLIAS!!!.. Now, every time I get a wheelbarrow bucket of compost, it has a bunch of random sprouted Dahlia tubers in it like freaking weeds... so idk what to tell you guys... I believe the potential to sprout is always in the crown tissue. It just takes a while for the eyes to form once separated from the main clump. When we are dividing, we are looking for eyes that are already formed from the previous growing season and more usually sprout up in storage.. Well, I'm here to tell you my science says they keep on forming into summer if you wait long enough.. What is your experience? Thoughts? #dahlias #dahlialovers #dahliatubersale #oregonflowerfarm #seasonalflowers #localflowers #southernoregon #grantspassoregon #sugarblossomfloralco

4/3/2024, 5:40:09 PM

About 10 years ago I planted these blush-colored flowering quince cultivars. They’ve come into their own in a big way now and are wowing us with their blooms. I can’t say enough about spreading out plantings amongst microclimates on the farm. The first blooms on quince plants in full sun finished two weeks ago but these shrubs in partial sun are just peaking now!

4/2/2024, 4:08:39 PM

Weekly roundup time! These will probably become increasingly hectic as tulip season progresses 🤪 1 - 3.) Did you know our tulips are blooming? 🤣 Three weeks earlier than usual, we are DEEP in the tulip bloom and doing our best to harvest every stem at the perfect stage to ensure maximum storage. We harvested in the rain for the first few days of the week. 4.) It was spring break, and Moses spent two days working with Brett to harvest and process two pigs. That’s a lot of meat for our family! 5 - 9.) More tulips. Rain, sunshine, wind, flowers. The week was an absolute whirlwind and we’re getting ready to do it again! 10.) For your viewing pleasure, in case you missed it in my stories. 😂 #farmlife #tulips #spring #springflowers #flowerfarming #oregonflowerfarm #iloveflowers #bts #behindthescenes #weeklyroundup #flowerlife #flowers #growingflowers #oregonfloristf

4/1/2024, 5:31:22 PM

Tulips in full Bloom. 😍 It’s almost like they keep their coat on for the season and then…BAM, they take their coat off and let you see their outfit underneath! 💐🌷 #tulips #spring #flowerfarm #oregonflowerfarm #animalsanctuary #blooms #springflowers

4/1/2024, 1:10:44 AM

Leucojeum always reminds me of little spring garden fairy bells.

3/30/2024, 12:30:59 AM

It’s SPRING! Also known as “hold things up against the wall and take pictures of them” season 🤗 Here are some favorites from the week: 1.) Tulip Flaming Margarita 2.) Narcissus Ice King 3.) Tulip Hakuun 4.) Narcissus Replete 5.) Flaming Margarita again, because: look at her! 6.) Cloni Moderna ranunculus 7.) Hellebore 8.) Anemone Rarity #flowers #flowerlife #flowerfarm #oregonflorist #oregonflowerfarm #springflowers #tulips #daffodils #spring #iloveflowers #flowersofinstagram #growingflowers

3/29/2024, 2:44:47 PM

Happy 400th episode to @doctorberlin and his amazing The Informed Pregnancy Podcast. In 2018, I was interviewed by Dr Berlin in a “Before and After” look at my upcoming VBAC for my second child. Fast forward: last year I celebrated the birth of my 3rd child! It was another successful vbac, and the birth story couldn’t be more different than my first two (both of which were different from each other.) As per usual, my labor started and fizzled for weeks. But one night, at 41 weeks, labor lasted a little longer than normal. At 2am I called my doula @heartsworkdoulas and she gave me some exercises to help me progress. I wasn’t hopeful labor would keep going when the sun came up (which is when I stalled last time) so I tried to get some rest. And then my water broke. Like in the movies. What? We hustled the kids to a friend’s house, and left for the hospital. Labor slowed waaaayyy down in the car, 8-9 mins apart. My doc Robin Barrett @nwwcpdx called: I’d meet her at the hospital in 10 mins. She believed in me. It was all going to be ok. At the hospital, I was sure labor was stalling. The delivery nurse asked “do you want a natural birth...” HA. I said “well, sure, but I if I need help with the pain, I’ll let you know. I’m not close to that at all yet.” She looked at me weird, said “ok just seeing if we need to hurry.” Biggest eye roll ever. Hurry? Yeah right. But then, in the elevator, my body started pushing the baby out on its own! The elevator opened and my doctor ran up… there was a brief conversation about IF I could make it to a room or would have the baby in the hallway… We made it into the room, just in time for my 8lbs 4oz 2vbac to come flying out, 11 minutes after arriving at the hospital. It was just how I’d always dreamed it would go, but had given up on the possibility. So 2023 was a bucket list year. My family is now complete! I have amazing birth teachers/team past&present to thank: @nwwcpdx, @heartsworkdoulas and Birth First Doulas, @doctorberlin, Dr Jay Goldberg, @birthingblyss, @jewellchiropractic, @alliemachenlac , Dr Mary Grabowska, @kruse_park_chiropractic Check out the 400th episode of The Informed Pregnancy Podcast!

3/28/2024, 6:25:01 PM

The best of the best. That’s how I feel about Spring flowers (I may be repeating myself, but it’s worth the redundancy). Seriously, so much color, incredible vase life, layers upon layers of petals, and so many of them smell good! Whether you’re local to Southern Oregon or elsewhere and hungry for organically grown flowers from a farmer whose name you know (who grows those flowers at Costco and Trader Jo’s, anyways?!), I’ve got you covered. Sign up for a Spring Share of the floral abundance. Pick-up in Grants Pass, Murphy, Provolt, Williams or Jacksonville. Businesses within a half mile of downtown Grants Pass or Jacksonville receive free delivery. ***WE ALSO DO OVERNIGHT SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL US ***. You can sign up for a shipped subscription— 4 weeks of heaven. Click the link in my profile to sign up🌿 Thanks to @kate.k777 for her work on the farm Spring 2022

3/27/2024, 4:13:41 PM

Warmth in Spring is so welcome after Winter’s snow, rain, and grey sky days.🔥 Photo by @idyllwildstudio

3/26/2024, 8:18:44 PM

Spring bouquets.

3/26/2024, 4:39:47 PM

Harvested some of our early Spring flowers yesterday! Just Bella and I playing in the flowers & thankful I left the corporate world behind. No makeup, overalls covered in goat hair and dirt in my nails. I couldn’t even imagine a better life. I’ve got the goat business down I think?…but now I just need to figure out how to sell flowers! 💐☀️🐐 P.S. Bouquet Subscriptions will be starting in May!😃💐 https://noregretsflowerfarm.goatyoga.net/shop/ #goatyoga #goathappyhour #flowerfarm #oregonflowerfarm #flowerfarmer #womeninagriculture #womeninag #flowers #bouquetsubscription #csasubscriptions #laineymorse #femalefounders #womeninbusiness

3/24/2024, 4:09:21 PM

I’ve had some tulip heartbreaks this season— stem topple in the grow room, the greenhouse closed too long while I’m out doing deliveries, some 6-8” stems in the field because of an unusually warm winter— but these tulips right here, they’re making my heart sing. They are finishing out my indoor tulip crop strong, long and so dang pretty.

3/22/2024, 6:58:58 PM

One giant leap for mankind. 💐🌸🌻🌷🌼 Can't think of a better way to celebrate Flower Day. Just added 6 custom steel beds to the farm! #flowerfarm #flowers #oregonflowerfarm #supportlocal #flowerday

3/21/2024, 9:19:12 PM

As I write, I have my front door open. Bird song and a new warmth breeze inside. I hear the tree frogs calling and the creek running with snow melt as this 75 degree day wakes us all into a new awareness. Spring is here, finally, hurray! Each season has its gifts and so far this one is bringing on prolific blooms of tulips, stock, anemones, poppies, fruit trees, daffodils and the first few ranunculus. Spring is, by far, my favorite time for farm flowers. And, that’s not to mention the wildflowers. Or maybe I will. Two words: fawn lilies. I’m glad to be alive today!

3/20/2024, 2:39:42 AM

Well, it’s GO time! A few days of sun and warm weather have kicked things into gear here on the flower farm. We finally have pictures of flowers for you again!!! It feels wonderful to be starting to fill orders again 🤗 1.) Narcissus Art Design 2.) Our first special order for these amazing hellebores went out. They are wonderful and absolutely worth the extra processing time to make sure they last for our florists! 3 - 4.) Brett continues to add to our baby animal collection 😁We’ve got baby turkeys and chicks in addition to Poppy the calf and her two baby lamb buddies. 5.) We’re growing Moderna ranunculus as a trial for our friends at Onings, and it’s been super exciting to see them start to open up! I have no idea what they are going to look like, so it feels like Christmas! 6 - 8.) The first tulip harvest is always much more exciting than the last 😅(if you know you know). It’s awesome to see these get started, but also means we need to get our harvesting and organizing booties in gear to keep track of all these upcoming blooms! Tulip season is a HUSTLE. 9.) Operation New Raised Beds is moving along. We got one of the 50 foot beds built, filled, and planted. The second one will go in this week 🤗 10.) This year we’ve been doing a good job keeping on top of tunnel weeds (mostly thanks to Cassie who is working here part-time this season and is AMAZING). Look at these neat and tidy rows! #bts #behindthescenes #farmlife #familyfarm #flowers #flowerfarm #weeklyroundup #iloveflowers #oregonflowerfarm #growingflowers #specialtycutflowers #oregongrownflowers

3/18/2024, 3:17:27 PM

The first Icelandic poppy. They are so delicate looking - they don’t even look real! We are expecting some warmer temperatures later this week and excited to see some of our first tulips and ranunculus join the lineup!

3/13/2024, 6:31:34 PM

The first harvest of Hellebores for the season deserves its own post. Our plants definitely took some damage in last month’s ice storm, but there are still some beautiful flowers to enjoy. 💕 . . . . #flowers #hellebore #hellebores #lentenrose #spring #springflowers #flowerfarming #growingflowers #oregonflowerfarm #flowerfarm #iloveflowers #flowersofinstagram

3/13/2024, 1:27:07 AM

We’re getting some color! 🌷🌼CSA Bouquet Subscriptions are available! Deliveries or P/U starting in May. Hop on our website and order your happiness today! 💐💚 (powered by 🐐💩) 🙌🏻♻️ https://noregretsflowerfarm.goatyoga.net/shop/ #bouquet #bouquetsubscription #oregonflowerfarm #willamettevalley #csa #csasubscription #flowers #smallfarm #supportlocal #organic

3/12/2024, 11:14:14 PM

Are you ready for flowers yet?? Well flower season is officially here! Flower stand opening day will be Friday, March 15th! ✨ Open 8:00-6:00💐 Mixed bouquets, straight bundles, and eucalyptus bundles will be available🌿 #flowerfarm #farmstand #flowerstand #honorsystem #flowerfarmer #farmerflorist #localflowers #flowerstagram #freshcutflowers #springflowers #daffodils #mixedbouquets #oregonflowerfarm #brownsvilleoregon

3/12/2024, 7:03:38 PM

Our propagation house is beginning to fill up again! We delight in these days, where seeds are sown and germinate into an itty bitty life force that will turn into an abundance of lush flowers. All the plastic plug trays we use to start our seeds are reused from a nearby local plant nursery. Every Spring we receive stacks of trays that are leftover from their operation (🫶🏼 HF!). It’s mutually beneficial - they are able to recycle them to us and we give them a second life. It completely eliminates our need to order in new plastic trays. Reduce reuse ♻️

3/12/2024, 4:07:29 PM

Ok, time is going faster and faster! It feels like we’re just about to get launched into the craziness of a new season! Here’s what happened last week: 1.) The anemones just get better and better. 🤩 2.) The first of the fancy daffs started to bloom. This one is Replete, an all-time favorite! 3.) Yesterday Poppy turned 1 week old. She’s doing so well! I definitely have to give her her bottle from the other side of the fence now, because as soon as she finishes she starts head butting me everywhere to try to find more milk 🤪. 4.) We were worried about Poppy growing up alone, so Brett bought two baby lambs (they’re about 1 month old and MUCH more mature than Poppy, who keeps trying to nurse on their ears). The cuteness factor out here is top notch! 5.) We stocked @mainstmarketspringfield with more dried bouquets - I can’t thank you all enough for buying these! We are just about completely sold out of our dried flower inventory, which is the goal every year (don’t worry - we’re growing LOTS more to dry this year!) 6.) Brett and the boys are working on extending the loft in our shop, so we’re in the middle of construction chaos out there, but I’m excited to show you the end result soon! 7.) We hosted a middle school basketball banquet and attended a high school basketball banquet. On to the next sport (track)! 8 - 10.) We got SUNSHINE! Yes, this is notable in March where we live. 😆 All the humans and animals (and plants) tend to heave a sigh of relief when we get a good stretch of sun. We’re back to rain but hoping for another sunny weekend ahead! #bts #weeklyroundup #familyfarm #farmlife #farmanimals #babycow #flowers #flowerfarm #farming #oregonflowerfarm

3/11/2024, 4:10:42 PM

Spring countdown: 14 days! 🌱🩷✨️ although it sure doesn't feel like it... it was 25 degrees last night & it's snowed several days this week! 😂 but the plants are troopers! The tulips are chugging along & the everything is growing great under the blanket of frost cloths. I cannot wait to have fresh, chemical-free flowers in the house again! I've even collected a few new vases over the winter that need breaking-in 💐 Where's your favorite place to find new vases? Local artists, antique stores, online? I love to support other local small businesses as well as go thrifting/antiquing!

3/6/2024, 9:00:09 PM

This week we finally got all the roses pruned, a task I always dread. It seems like the most sought-after varieties of roses for cut flowers also have the most wicked thorns! It feels wonderful to have the bushes pruned down and cleaned up, ready for a new season of beautiful blooms. Whenever I’m in the middle of a not-so-fun winter task I like to look back at pictures of the flowers, to remind myself why I’m crawling through mud in the rain getting shredded by thorns 😂 So here are some of the photos that motivated me to get the job done this week - I thought you’d like to see them, too. 💕 (And yes, that’s LeeRoy in the video from last winter when I planted some new Honey Dijon plants. I miss that goofy guy! We actually found his favorite bone out in the roses this week while we were cleaning up.) . . . . #roses #rosegarden #gardenroses #flowerfarming #growingroses #flowers #iloveroses #oregonflowerfarm #oregonflorist #growingflowers #roses🌹 #flowersofinstagram

3/2/2024, 5:30:51 PM

Wow! It feels so good to have flowers again and be making bouquets, delivering bouquets and opening up the flower shack! I didn’t realize just how much I missed my flowers and you must have too! Thank you to everyone who bought my flowers yesterday it feels so good to sell out! I am hoping to have more flowers at the flower shack this week. #springflowers🌸 #springflowersmakemehappy #springflowers🌷 #hyacinths #hyacinth #daffodils🌼 #daffodil #daffodilseason #daffodilsofinstagram #daffodils #pastelflowers #farmerflorist #flowerfarmerflorist #flowerfarmer #locallygrownflowers #cooscounty #oregonflowerfarm #flowerlovers_on_insta #flowerloversofinstagram #flowerlovinfriends #flowerloversdaily #flowerlover🌸 #flowerlovers🌸 #flowerloves #flowerlove #flowerlover #flowerlovers #flowersofinstagram #flowersofinsta #oregongrowers

2/28/2024, 5:36:13 PM

Spring is less than 30 days away but it feels even closer on a sunny weekend like this one! #Sustainablefarming #sustainableflowers #eugene #eugeneoregon #eugeneflowers #eugeneflorist #eugeneflowerfarm #oregonflowers #oregonflorist #oregonflowerfarm #willamettevalley #pnwflowers

2/25/2024, 10:11:07 PM

Well, the sun is shining after many long weeks of much-needed rain here. These tulips feel about as bright and happy as I do to be facing spring, with a sense of appreciation for the opportunity of getting to work with the wind, earth, sun, moon, plants, soil life, trickling creeks and tree frogs as my companions. Some days I feel like the economics of farming just don’t pencil out (like yesterday, when I was preparing my taxes) but then I remember that there is no comparison to working outside, feeling my body growing stronger with the greater activity of spring, and noticing the eagle nest across the street when my eight year old neighbor points out the feathers on the ground. It’s a kind of lifestyle that doesn’t measure up to that of life in a corporate job in the city but thank goodness that’s so. I am happy to grow flowers for all of you, my family, and friends, and in the process do something beautiful. Thanks for supporting me to make it happen!🌿

2/23/2024, 9:06:51 PM

A little bit of what has been going on here this February. It hasn’t been all about the dahlias, (but mostly😉) gearing up for another great flower growing season and can’t wait to share all the beauty with you! •Finalize garden plan ✅ •Finish dividing and packaging tubers✅ •Seed starting✅ •Prune roses✅ •Clean up planting beds✅ •Plant cool weather flowers✅ #flowerfarm #seeds #dahliatubers #gardentime #springiscoming #flowerfarmer #growingagarden #pnw #freshflowers #gardenprep #underthefloralspell #floretseeds #johnnysseeds #flowers #inthegarden #oregon #oregonflowerfarm

2/23/2024, 3:29:18 PM

The tulips are really great today. Get ‘yer fix: @ashlandfoodcoop @medfordfoodcoop @thefryfamilyfarm I just want to say how much I appreciate that these businesses serve up the best of what’s available from local farms year ‘round and continue to find new and more ways to get it into the hands of customers like us!

2/20/2024, 7:53:38 PM

What a week! 😅 Here’s what we got up to: 1.) Lots of dried bouquets! Thank you guys so much for buying these from the two lovely Springfield shops that carry them!! You’ve been keeping us busy making them, and I love it! 2.) Titus finished up his JV high school basketball season! 3.) The anemones are blooming more consistently in the tunnel, and the stems are so long! Everyone keeps asking me what my secret is, and I have no idea 😂 I haven’t done anything different, but they seem to be very happy. 4.) I did a Subscriber Live all about putting in a peony field (and my back-country internet connection didn’t glitch out even once! Hooray!!) 5.) Between houseguests and a week full of basketball I didn’t get to do much actual farming, but I did sneak these Agrostemma plugs into the ground in an attempt to replace my row that froze last month. Hoping they can survive the slugs long enough to get established 🤞🏻 6 - 10.) This weekend was all about hosting and basketball! We’ve seen so many friends and watched so many basketball games 😅 It’s wonderful to have all of these lovely people in our lives 💕 #farmlife #weeklyroundup #bts #behindthescenes #family #flowerfarming #oregonflowerfarm #familyfarm

2/19/2024, 4:42:29 PM

Tulips are coming! 🌷🌷🌷

2/18/2024, 8:41:52 PM

Spring is coming!

2/17/2024, 4:59:12 AM

Weekly roundup! 1.) It was such a beautiful week with lots of pockets of sunshine to enjoy. It feels like I spent the entire week pulling weeds 🤪. February is for getting all the crops ready for their big spring debut! The high tunnels are looking nice and tidy. 2.) The first Rarity anemone. 3 - 4.) Weeding the delphinium. Luckily the plants are growing fast and will soon shade out new weeds, because this job isn’t fun. The boys helped me, but there is still more to do this coming week. 5.) More glorious sunshine on the hellebore patch. 6 -7.) So much basketball! Titus is finishing up his first High School season, and Brett is coaching the boys middle school team, so we pretty much watch a basketball game every weeknight (it’s fun!) 8.) Watching the Super Bowl with friends. We’re Bay Area babies, so there were a few guys at our house who were quite unhappy last night 🫣 9.) Are we going to have a super early spring??? The weather forecast is very spring-like and these daffs are shooting up like crazy. Nature sure does like to keep us guessing!! #weeklyroundup #bts #behindthescenes #farmlife #familyfarm #flowerdarm #flowerfarming #oregonflowerfarm #flowers #growingflowers

2/12/2024, 4:22:11 PM

I’d love to help you make a beautiful gesture! Mixed bouquets, vase arrangements, wreaths, dried flower bouquets and gift cards are all available for pre-order from the farm. I’m almost sold out of fresh flowers so don’t delay! Then there’s the possibility of a gift that keeps on giving: a four-week Winter Tulip subscription or a six-week Spring subscription. When you want to make a bigger, longer lasting impression that reminds them again and again of your love, the subscriptions do it it quite nicely.💐

2/11/2024, 7:08:05 PM

This is our flower farm expert Sean who would love nothing more than to give you a tour! ❤️💐He’s also our parking attendant so next time you’re here be sure to ask for the grand tour! #farmtour #flowerfarm #flowerfarmer #oregonflowerfarm #hugelkultur #permaculture #farmsanctuary

2/9/2024, 5:26:28 PM

Can't describe how it feels to have an armload of freshies again. The first batch of tulips will be going towards @thinkwildco Valentines fundraiser, but we should have a few bunches available at the shop on Saturday, if you want to snag some local tulips. The scent on the orange variety called Orca is just amazing after not having had fresh flowers for so long. Happy almost weekend!

2/8/2024, 6:23:58 PM

Look what’s popping up! 🌼🌷💐🪻 #spring #springflowers #daffodils #tulips #flowerfarm #oregonflowerfarm #oregonfarmers #thinkspring

2/7/2024, 5:34:28 PM

***PEACHES ‘N CREAM DAHLIAS ARE DIVINE: PRE-ORDER YOURS NOW!*** You’ll find these and 30+ different varieties of certified organic dahlia tubers available now in my little online flower shop. I’ve got some hard-to-find varieties and all of my favorites that I depend on for my floral design work. I’ve trialed dozens more varieties over the years and have settled on these gals as my favorites. 🌿Why pre-order now, you ask? To secure the best varieties before they sell out 🌿Why buy from a small farm instead of the cheaper box stores? Because of the higher quality tubers, kind and knowledgeable customer service and you’re directly supporting a small, woman-run US farm 🌿Why choose certified organic tubers? Oregon Tilth inspects and verifies my agricultural practices; organic practices mean managing for soil health and keeping creeks and rivers clean now and for future generations; really, I’m not just green-washing you here! Come take a look at what’s possible. There’s a link in my profile to the online store🫶

2/6/2024, 6:10:00 PM

getting hitched 💍 in 2024? we offer bridal or groom shower floral arrangement workshop packages as well as floral design services + GORGEOUS diy buckets + marigold garlands for your celebration! please send us an email to inquire ( link in bio! ) and share this post with friends or family who may still be in the planning process! our books are filling up and we’d love to include you. our flowers are safe to touch and smell, as we use organic growing practices. Xo, the ifs crew . . . . . #pdxbride #portlandoregon #pdxwedding #portland #oregonbride #floraldesign #pdxflowers #pdxflorist #portlandflorist #flowerfarm #oregonfarm #oregonflowerfarm #pdxcutflowers #sauvieisland

2/6/2024, 5:09:57 PM

Do you enjoy the wild flower look? We can help with that 😘 . Booking 2024/2025 . . #wildflowerwedding #idahoweddingflowers #idahoweddingflorist #oregonweddingflowers #oregonweddingflorist #oregonflowerfarm #idahoweddings #oregonweddings

2/3/2024, 3:11:30 PM

***LOCALS AND NON-LOCALS ALIKE: I’ve got you covered for Valentine’s Day.*** Say goodbye to imported, chemically treated flowers for your Valentine’s Day and open your arms to to Flora Farm and Design Studio’s flowers, breathe the fragrance, and feel confident that those petals are safe and healthy. I am currently accepting pre-orders for overnight shipped flowers anywhere in the continental US as well as taking local orders for pick up at the farm or delivery into Ashland, Jacksonville, Ruch, Applegate, Provolt, Williams, Murphy, and Grants Pass. Place your overnight shipped orders by 2/10; local deadline is 2/12. Last year I sold out so walk those thumbs on over to my website now and place your order for mixed bouquets, vase arrangements, everlastings wreaths, dried bouquets and winter or spring flower subscriptions! The link is in my profile🌷LET’S CELEBRATE LOVE!

2/3/2024, 2:23:19 AM

Why can those quotes be so high for your events? Because some of those flowers we use for your events are started this early in the spring! Plus… florist don’t just do it for fun, we have to make something! Don’t be cheap on of the main things that will elevate the look of your wedding or event 🙌❤️ . I can’t resist any longer… today I am getting my hands in the dirt!! And pulling the seed boxes out of the basement. Who is with me?! 🙌😬 . . . . #oregonflowerfarm #oregonweddingpreperation #oregonweddingflowers #idahoweddingflorist #oregonweddingflorist

2/2/2024, 7:07:59 PM

The first of the spring anenomes!

2/1/2024, 8:59:21 PM

Who is excited for peony season? I know I can't wait. #peonyparty #oregonflowerfarm #oregonelopementflorist #peony #floral #prettyinpinkblush #ruffles #barbie

2/1/2024, 7:21:08 PM

Designer’s Choice bouquet from last summer. We can’t wait to bring more farm fresh magic to the shop this year! February is seed starting season for us and we’re so excited for all the gorgeous varieties we’ll be growing at the farm. I’ve got big big plans and can’t wait to shower our community with mountain grown flowers☺️💐 . . . . #oregonflowers #oregonflowerfarm #botanicalpickmeup #southernoregonflowerfarm #flowersandotherstories #alittlebeautyeveryday #whimsicalflowers #inspiredbynature_ #whimsicalwonderfulwild #southernoregonwedding #weddingflowers #aflowerfilledlife #excessivelydivertedbyflowers #ayearinflowers #ashlandoregon #farmerflorist #oregonflorist #southernoregonsmallbusiness #dutchmastersinspired #mountaingrown #cottagegardenbouquet #gardenbouquet #oregongrown #mountainfarm #farmfreshflowers #dahlialove #flowerfarmerflorist

2/1/2024, 5:32:51 AM

Post Ice/Sleet/Wind/Arctic Blast damage survey- Not horrible- seeing lots of green from ranunculus and anemones. Yarrow appears as it should this time of year. Bell flower and Veronica does appear to have some damage-mostly from rain pooling between the low tunnel hoops. Hoping those little roots are good though! Too early to tell about rose damage but peonies seem happily tucked in. And why oh why do those little ‘pop it’ weeds (hairy bittercress) seem to survive the worst weather conditions? Onward. #flowerfarming #flowerfarmer #oregonflowerfarm #westlinnflowerfarm #pdxflowers

1/28/2024, 11:30:45 PM

Spring baby from the farm from a couple seasons ago.. This cutie fearured reflexed double tulips, frittilaria, ranunculus, hellebores, honeywort and some adorable unknown blue wild flower that pops up everywhere around here in May. #oregonflowerfarm #tuliplovers #helleborelove #oregonelopementflorist #oregonwedding #southernoregonblooms #southernoregonliving #grantspassoregon #sugarblossomfloralco

1/28/2024, 1:56:36 AM

Spring anenomes and tulips. Just a couple more months! 😍

1/27/2024, 8:15:23 PM

Rogue Valley people! Get something like sunshine in a vase with these new tulips I just dropped off @ashlandfoodcoop . Suffer from the winter blues no longer and they are perhaps healthier than coffee😉

1/27/2024, 12:23:57 AM

This is so one of my absolute favorite arrangements of all time. It was Huge! I managed to shove just about every flower we grow in spring into this bad boy.. I love how both sides look so different.. the first is more of a rose moment and the back has those poppies that are just incredible! All of it grown right here in the farm. Which side is your favorite? #ranunculuslove #peonyparty #poppyparty #poppy #oregonflowerfarm #southernoregonblooms #southernoregonwedding #oregonbride #sugarblossomfloralco

1/25/2024, 5:36:19 PM

If you had to pick a favorite color of flower, what would it be?

1/24/2024, 7:31:53 AM

Dreaming of spring flowers.

1/20/2024, 1:18:45 AM