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Selfie in front of Mcginley

17-01-2019 01:38:34

17-01-2019 00:50:12

Jokes. We make them. Come watch. Laugh if we deserve it. Friday at 7 pm

16-01-2019 22:24:11

I promise my tuition money doesn’t all go towards this

16-01-2019 22:08:42

Reaching for new goals this Spring!

16-01-2019 22:06:40

Welcome back! ️ . . . The Master’s Program in Ethics & Society is now accepting applications! Link in bio or apply here: #fordhamuniversity #nyc #masters #gradschool #ethics #society #socialjustice #justice #inequality #humanrights #rights #dignity #policy #morality

16-01-2019 20:36:30

Ram’s head drinking cup, Greek, South Italian, Apulian, late 5th century-early 4th century B.C. @fordhamuniversity #fordhamrams

16-01-2019 20:34:12

Welcome back, Rams! ️ Check our story for our January calendar and stay connected. • • • #fordhamuniversity #fordham #nycfoodie #aramark #ramdining #eeeeats #welcomeback #chocolatefoutain

16-01-2019 18:07:31

We're only 9 days out from the 2019 Spring Career Fair! Join us on January 24th @ 1pm in McGinley Ballroom to find the best career opportunities for you! Make sure to register on Handshake! 🤝Click the link in our bio.

16-01-2019 16:33:32

Happy 2019! We hope everyone is powering through their first hump day of the spring semester! As a reminder, next week is #MartinLutherKingWeek, and we will be celebrating with a series of events that we hope you all can attend! #MLK #FordhamUniveristy #LincolnCenter #RoseHill

16-01-2019 15:05:45

Only i can change my life. No one can do it for me. -carol burnett

16-01-2019 13:17:36

En la vida quedate con lo bueno, lo malo olvidalo️ #nyc

16-01-2019 12:42:48

10 years ain’t nothing change was the man then and I still got the juice #10yearchallenge

16-01-2019 04:58:42

Stop by the club fair tomorrow afternoon in McGinley 2nd from 3:00-5:00 pm! Learn about all our awesome clubs & find new ways to get involved at Fordham! We’ll see you there 🤗

16-01-2019 04:20:21

Fordham for dinner! Great to see our city girl ️ as the 2019 college tour has come to a close for @daisyamaisy

16-01-2019 03:15:44

3, Steal, 3 again...all in a this kid gonna be obnoxious as hell during dinner tonight . #collegebasketball #fordhamrams

16-01-2019 01:51:39

Jesuit scholastics of @fordhamuniversity checking out some #Jesuit basketball: @fordhambasketball vs. SLU. Go Rams! #BeAJesuit

16-01-2019 00:58:33

Jesuit scholastics of @fordhamuniversity checking out some #Jesuit basketball: @fordhambasketball vs. SLU. Go Rams! #BeAJesuit

16-01-2019 00:58:33

Oh my lil porcupine faking them out! It’s almost like watching #thestarters bloopers 🤣. #collegebasketball #fordhamrams

16-01-2019 00:55:22

what a day !—🦋

15-01-2019 22:54:30

great day !—🦋

15-01-2019 22:53:23

what a day !—🦋

15-01-2019 22:53:09

Good afternoon Rams! Make sure to join us and meet over 100 employers from all industries for our 2019 Spring Career Fair on January 24th at 1pm in McGinley Ballroom—sponsored by Liberty Coca-Cola! Before the fair, be sure to: ‍Do your research Bring your resume Dress professionally REGISTER ON HANDSHAKE:… Link in bio!

15-01-2019 20:05:18