Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

Oklahoma City bombing memorial. Excellent museum. #oklahomacitybombingmemorial #roadtrip #oklahomacity #iphonephotography

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I was speechless for a few minutes. #okcmemorial

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At the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, which honors all those affected by the Oklahoma City Bombing. Powerful and somber place. #okc #oklahomacity #memorial #museum #oklahoma #reflectingpool

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The Memorial for the Oklahoma City bombing victims. #oklahoma #oklahomacity #nationalmemorial #monument #history

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In memory.

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What a humbling experience to walk the grounds where the Oklahoma City Bombing took place. Such an amazing memorial to those who were injured/lost their lives that tragic day. If you are ever in OKC, I would strongly suggest visiting! #oklahomacity #okcbombing #memorial #neverforgotten #photography

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Had a blast running 18 miles with @wahoorun now. Morning cartoons and fortnite ha!

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If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum you are truly missing out! One of the greatest museums in this country!

16-02-2019 14:34:55

Oklahoma City national memorial and museum "a day like any other day" 9.April 1995 klokka 09.00 på morningen ble Amerika preget av det største terrorangrepet frem til 9.11, i dag et det nest størst. Federal building som var et kontorbygg som de amerikanske myndighetene i Oklahoma City befant deg ble bombet og 168 personer omkom, blant dem 30 barn i dag var noen av oss innom museumet og fikk høre historier, se bilder, intervju og de siste gjenværende delene av bygningen, samt sko, klær osv..Det ble utrolig tøffe inntrykk!

16-02-2019 06:17:02

So crazy to be standing where the Oklahoma City bombing happened. I remember seeing this on the news when I was 7 and thinking "what happened??". I was too young to understand the concept that someone could be so evil and full of hate. So sad... #oklahomacity

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Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

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Well, Here’s to four more years. Peep the last photo to see my face as I try to stomach what I just did. thankful for all my family, friends, and mentors that showed up today and thankful for those that wanted to be there but couldn’t be. #flynavy #hooyah #wtfdidijustdo

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Happy re-enlistment day Hailey! I love you so much and am so proud of you!! Thank you for your service and all that you do. #proudnavyhusband #loveyou

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Oklahoma City Memorial it was a sad day to have remembered what happened here!

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STEM Family Night was a great time of learning! Families worked together to build structures that can withstand disasters. Thanks to all who participated.

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