Chicago, Illinois

A few more days while is cold #NikonZ6 #ChicagoWaterTower #Chicago

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One of those Wednesdays. ( @samjhuh) #chicagogram #architecturephotography #archidaily #chicago

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Amy's sushi kitchen

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Oh that joys of watching our furry companion grow!! 3 years and counting ️

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Good night my loves️ With @kathdiverse

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Leggings! Please don’t waist your money on these bad boys! I own each pair in this picture, not one pair was more than $35, & all from @oldnavy. If your like me & actually sweat in your leggings when you workout, trust me, don’t spend a fortune! But DO do the squat test(bend over backwards in front of a mirror, to make sure they aren’t see through) Happy legging hunting! #madetoexercisein #leggingsarentpants #shopsmartnotexpensive

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Chicago, and Illinois, Day 4!

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Mannn throwing a lil #tbt early .. this was all back when I was 17!! No wonder why my body aching in my 20’s hopefully I can add more weight to my lifts after football ends and I can bulk again haha! Squat 255 Deadlift 315 Bench 205 Ps. Shout out to my fav workout partner @jobe_hopkins ! #lift #athlete #titan #motivation #fitfam #workout #liftheavy #bodybuilding #weightloss #1stphorm #girlsthatlift #powerlifting #train #ifbb #muscles #girlswithmuscle #likeagirl #flagnorfail #gay #chicago

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Throwback to late nights in Chi-town // @enigma.sgh // Chicago, IL

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Beautiful city... different views.. stunning sky line.. #chicago #skyline #illinois #bigcity

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thank you for following and taking in my stories this week! I appreciate you. ️ - If you’re still on the fence and looking for another reason to apply for Kansha, consider this very serious boomerang... I have found such an amazing community of not just colleagues, but true friends. 🥰 Growing, learning, and healing together has been one of my most FAVORITE things. More info/application link in bio! - Stay tuned for @hiro_fidler who is taking over the next week!!

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Stagnancy is death. You must be willing to leap into unknown territory. The unknown is the foundation on which all new is created.. B E M O V E D - @holisticsamantha

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“I swear that you a drug and I’m faded It’s too much, one more puff I can’t take it And if I overdosed on love that would be crazy”

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Take me back to warmer days when this picture was taken! I’m tired of the cold, but these earring remind me that spring is around the corner. Find these Pyrite and Green Aventurine earrings in my Etsy shop.

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Kicking off the new year with meeting incredible and inspirational people. Thank you #sarahkucharstudio for hosting! Repost #bossladies #womeninbusiness #womanentrepreneurs #chicagoarchitect #chicagodesigner

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