Brooklyn, New York

3rd and Prospect Park West

11-12-2018 00:32:29

Leftover Desert w/ a Desert Beverage #birthdaycake #bartenurarose #tonibnyc #nightcap

11-12-2018 00:32:17

freedom is

11-12-2018 00:32:14

I’ve seen worse. 🥰 #ashleytakesnewyork 🧡

11-12-2018 00:32:13

11-12-2018 00:32:07

finally made it to the Vegan Champs Diner in Brooklyn, we had the Mozzarella sticks - a must have, and as you can see we devoured them , the Basic Bowl and Seitans Helper w/o tomatoes and pickles for me. It was all delish #veganinnj #champsdiner

11-12-2018 00:32:06

Have you ever survived something hard only to wonder if you had anything left within you to help you begin again? Pastor @GabbyCWilkes offers this reminder from Genesis 8:22, that God has promised all of us, rhythms of seedtime & harvest. As you leave 2018, you DO have what it takes to make it in 2019. God has promised you, seasons.

11-12-2018 00:32:06

That guy chin big up ken di boss rp motor sport street smart in the building 🇯🇲🇯🇲

11-12-2018 00:32:04

#MOOD #host #hypeman #ebp maddd hype for no reason lol

11-12-2018 00:32:04

Seeing the bigger picture opens your eyes to what is the truth. ~Wadada Leo Smith ⭐️swipe ️ What did you discover about yourself this year? What was your truth?

11-12-2018 00:31:58

🥶️Winter Time Cold ️ 🥶

11-12-2018 00:31:57

Dear Brooklyn. I love you

11-12-2018 00:31:54

Unless your man IS #ludwigvanbeethoven... amirite @kyledavid3000 @matthunzi ?

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11-12-2018 00:31:20

Getting in the spirit

11-12-2018 00:31:03

“I’ve bounced around the world so much & lived in so many places & changed my life so many times. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that ‘home’ is not a geographical place for me, but - more often - a person. My friends are my home. ️And thus I can honestly say: I have homes all over the world.” - Elizabeth Gilbert ️

11-12-2018 00:30:49

When the tongue comes out I'm turned up lol. Had a blast at my cousin's 40th bday bash #birthday #family #turnup

11-12-2018 00:30:39

Interrupting your regular programming to exercise all 3 of your eyes Song: The Mule by Human Machine

11-12-2018 00:30:27

It’s a Bed-Stuy crimis

11-12-2018 00:30:04

11-12-2018 00:29:51

I’m out like a fatboy in dodge ball

11-12-2018 00:29:47