Nobody’s valentine

18-02-2019 04:05:37

Sabados de flamenco en Harlem!!️️️️ @lolaheelsny @sevillanosinthecity

18-02-2019 04:05:12

Com o professor Baiano na casa do Mestre João Grande. #barracaodomestreguerreiro

18-02-2019 04:03:52

Today, I held our friend’s baby as he slept and loved it. So, tonight I scrolled through the gazillion baby pictures of Jai in my phone (I do it often) I had this one in there from when Jai was just a month old. I never posted it because I didn’t like how I looked. I don’t care anymore. So proud to be his mom. #mightbepmsing #babyfever ? No way!! @velardophotography

18-02-2019 04:02:17

Power jab #boxing #box #punch #jab

18-02-2019 04:01:15

Capoeira Angola - Mestre João Grande.

18-02-2019 03:59:09

Still I’m In My Prime @thenewesticon #creativefacesmodels #CFMGallery2019

18-02-2019 03:57:23

Harlem Fine Arts Show Riverside Church

18-02-2019 03:45:16

Got some great things on the horizon, including Dizzy's with Black Art Jazz Collective, Smoke with Willie Jones III, Smalls with Rachel Z, Birdland with Vincent Herring, Germany with Jim Snidero and THEN Jeremy Pelt Quintet spring European tour celebrating "Jeremy Pelt, The Artist"! Check my website for dates, www.jeremypelt.net! @kasia_idzkowska

18-02-2019 03:44:27

Screaming Happy Birthday to my brother OgJuan... from the street corner to the corner office that’s gangsta!! #RealOne #RocLaFamilia #Uptny #Harlem

18-02-2019 03:44:19

Sitting in the midst of darkness I will always choose the light, because shadows add dimension but light determines elevation. We all know some ONE sitting on the staircase to heaven, waiting to make the best decision of their life. The question is are we willing to lead them to Jesus? ... Count me in. ‍️

18-02-2019 03:43:18

Nice to finally meet you @therealbtc #greatvibes #im3approved #theuniquebrand #Harlem

18-02-2019 03:35:04

DJ Flresh TOP 5

18-02-2019 03:29:51

Close your eyes and make a wish

18-02-2019 03:27:59

Happy happy birthday to my beautiful daughter- Rache’l Christina!!

18-02-2019 03:27:22

thank you for coming up from Indiana, Jacinda!

18-02-2019 03:26:26

18-02-2019 03:17:51


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18-02-2019 02:54:20

. . . #Harlem #Manhattan #NewYork

18-02-2019 02:48:31

In Conclusion..... From the page of @dapperdanharlem

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