Nashville, Tennessee

14 years ago, this guy and I met, fell in love and made it our mission to live a life full of love and adventure. He has always been my biggest supporter and the best sport EVER. He will always workout at the crack of down, run races in matching costumes, eat healthy vegan food I cook up (even when I totally screw it up), train for half-marathons and even run a Valentine underwear themed run in downtown Nashville with his pregnt wife! Can't really ask for more! (FYI, this photo is 2 years old, NOT currently pregnant!) Happy 14 years of being together to my forever workout partner! #workoutpartner #14yearsstrong #strongcouple #fitcouple #undierun

18-02-2019 03:54:04

Natural beat on my sister. She never does right in videos 🤣 gotta love her though. Thank you for your support always #nashvillemua #mua #nashville

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Preview of what’s to come! #adele #acapella #singingcover

18-02-2019 03:52:44

Number 2... of 'rebirth'. A very unique project with lots of story and power. Very happy that it turned out so well! Great team. Great clients. #adventuresinarchitecture #architecture #contemporaryarchitecture #newconstruction #lovemyjob #pella #nichiha

18-02-2019 03:52:32

My sweet babies turned 6 years old this week. I never had cats growing up. I was “a dog person.” Never could’ve imagined my life completely changing after meeting two kittens. My George and Gracie. My first babies. I love them so much. You never know what the universe has in store.️

18-02-2019 03:52:21

Thankful for the blessings I have! Happy Birthday to my baby girl! Til next time Nashville...

18-02-2019 03:52:10

Traveled to different cities for the past two months & met so many great people along the way. Finally ready to sleep for two weeks straight to catch up on my sleep 🥳 #TradeshowSeason

18-02-2019 03:52:09

Late night mixing at @slackkeystudio with @randykohrs .... pay no attention to his #grammyaward on the desk behind me.. #notjustanotheroutlaw #goorinbros #theycantpavemymemories

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Gone Take Me Forever Too Get Back In The Game Should Keep Em

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So here is 'rebirth'. A very unique project with lots of story and power. Very happy that it turned out so well! Great team. Great clients. #adventuresinarchitecture #architecture #contemporaryarchitecture #newconstruction #lovemyjob #pella #nichiha

18-02-2019 03:51:04

Here’s a clip of the silly and fun promo video (improv babyyyy) for the party tomorrow/tonight 2/18 at 7pm at the Analog Hutton Hotel. Be there or be rhombus. Let’s feed some folks and give eachother hugs! I ️ you.

18-02-2019 03:50:51

I’ve finally learned how to control my ego and play the powerlifting game. The decision was either go 9/9 or risk it and go for a PR, I wasn’t feeling great and wanted that PR but played it safe and went to match my last DL pr with 276, it was a grind so it was obviously the right call. Body weight PR being 11 lbs less than my last meet counts right??

18-02-2019 03:50:18

Absolutely unreal that I got to attend the Midsouth Regional Emmys to cheer on my coworkers! I'm so proud of my News4 family and honored to work with such a dream team every single day! My talented boyfriend even had 2 nominations, 1 for animation, and 1 for technical acheivement. He didn't win but 2 noms in his 1st year in the industry is a WIN in my eyes. #emmys #nashville

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allll the

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Those socks doe @maddiesunley98 ..... so glad you finally made it to see me! I had the best weekend with you and expect for you to be back soon!

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PC: @elizabethcbarnett

18-02-2019 03:48:59

I left $2 and a thank you note for housekeeping in my hotel room this morning. When I returned, there were small decorations, extras, and notes throughout the room. 🤗🥰 #kindnessmatters #thankful

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When in Nashville:

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they always say yeehaw but they never ask haw yee 🤠 #nashville

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