Culver City, California

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So your girl is officially single ‍️ I wasn't going to speak about this because well you know some things are better kept in private but I figured some of you got to meet him and my Instafam got to see glimpses of him, and people keep asking. But in all honesty there are no hard feelings, it was very mutual and easy to let go. I learned a lot about what I want from someone in a relationship. And I think the most important thing that I learned from being in a relationship was that there's a huge difference in someone being good to you and treating you right, and someone actually being there for you and making you happy. He was a great guy, treated me with respect and had a good heart, but he came from a very conservative, religious background so it was difficult for me in a way to all of a sudden have to consider having an authoritative figure around and I think that mixed in with us rushing into a relationship and other issues we had made me feel super unhappy, and constantly had me questioning why I was in a relationship with him in the first place. But in the end you live and you learn right? Now I know that there's someone out there for me that can be good for me and also make me happy. Don't settle for less y'all, search for what you want and what you deserve. Don't keep yourself in an unhappy relationship because it feels nice having someone there. You know what you deserve, I sure as mango know what I deserve. So ya girl is officially back on the market for a Zaddy!!!

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Another paint night. This piece is almost (and finally) complete. #wetpaint #sundayfunday #artist #fineart

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This #whole30 diet makes things like salad (ew) and spaghetti squash (gross) in place of meat seem reasonable. Of course everything @hannahmartinduffy makes is the best version ever, so that helps. Also so does #meatgravy #hannahsculvercity This dinner was delicious.

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Right Here...... Right Now Full Moon Tonight Moon Shine.....

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Please keep an eye out and contact @heaven.ily or call 949-637-6988 or the Culver City police !!

18-02-2019 02:53:00

soooo....the first 2 posters I remember putting up in my room where the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and The Empire Strikes cub has her own heros...

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Here are some “aesthetic” pictures when I left the mall

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I don’t think she moved all day.

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All you need is...️

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Some Super Exciting things happening globally!! People are up leveling there life & it's truly mind blowing to watch and experience the movement!! Had a Blast casting Visions with Jaime & Emily today in California! #Itsgotime #Nextlevel #InternationalBusiness #Ilovepeople #Timefreedom #Fun #Wellness #Workfromanywhere . #Success #Business #Friends #Entrepreneur #HealthyLifestyle #Wellness #Freedom #Choices #FinancialWellness

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It’s been a year of this moment. #happyanniversary my love. About to walk down the isle. #wedding

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Feeling excited

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🤸‍️Sunday afternoon activities

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Bird watchinnn #frenchiesofinstagram #bluepiedfrenchie

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Happy 21st birthday dad!

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As cold as it looks 🥶 ️ #snowflakes #winter

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@traderjoes @culvercitygov 38g of plastic waste. A dialog between transnational corporation and local government has to start on what we'll do with this #5 plastic waste. I don't have time to manage the complete life cycle of our products. Corporation profits on the front end but must become more involve with the backend cost and take more responsiblity for the entire life cycle of our products.

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Have you heard? Episode 1 went live TODAY! “Out with the Old... In with the New” Link in bio ‼️

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Off a verses

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