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Get to know me!! UwU

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Know the company you keep.. An option, not a necessity.. #inyourfaceuntilyougetinshape #Inyourfacetraining #ItwasnotaGame #CROSSFIT

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Ed warren and Lorraine warren help to keep the Anabelle doll in a secret place.....

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🤷‍️ #ez

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Happy Founder’s Day to the Sister Of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

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‪Meet Anquel Fontenelle, a new student in our Mentoring Program. Anquel is a junior at Central High School in Bridgeport, CT. Asked who inspires him the most, Anquel says, “My cousin inspires me because he has sickle cells, but he doesn’t let that stop him from doing well in school.”‬ : @DjessJacques

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11 years, but whose counting? #inyourfaceuntilyougetinshape #Inyourfacetraining #ItwasnotaGame #CROSSFIT

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“You’ll never be what you’re capable of becoming until you understand who you are right now” -Steven Furtick #iamunqualified

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Look how Cool these hardwood floors are. I just imagine them in their prime! 826 Noble Ave Bridgeport CT Huge house, low price! 2017 Realtor of the year, NHMR You can follow me on any social platform Alan Stewart Jr. - Not your Parents Real Estate Agent Alan Stewart Jr. 203.275.6084 ASJ Realty Group - powered by Keller Williams Realty. 126 Monroe Turnpike Trumbull CT 06611 Licensed in the state of CT.

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Hello! This is my art account! I draw a series of fandoms and fanart! Now you can criticize, but don't be brutal! Just tell me what little things you'd like me to fix up! Thank you! ~Josie

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72 hour beef rib

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