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Keeping it real. I feel this so hard right now! #strongbuttired #strongwoman

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|“& though she be but little, she is fierce.”| . Need I say more? Those shades are perfect for an everyday makeup look & the mini palette is so easy for on the go! 🥰 I need to snag more @juviasplace place for sure! recommendations on what should be my next order? 🤔 . |"Y aunque sea pequeña, es feroz".| . ¿Necesito decir mas? ¡Esos tonos son perfectos para un look de maquillaje diario y la mini paleta es tan fácil de llevar! 🥰 ¡Necesito más productos de @juviasplace! ¿tienen recomendaciones sobre cuál debería ser mi próximo pedido? 🤔 . : #juviasplace Nubian Mini Limited Edition . . . . . #nubianpalette #makeuptutorial #eyeshadowpalette #eyemakeup #eyemakeuplook #bloggermexicana #sombrasdeojos #100daysofmakeup #blendtherules #blazin_beauties #makeupbrushes #cutcrease #kirakira #discoverunder100k @trendmood1 @ultabeauty @instagram

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bless to see other year . #chapter16

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Back in the Day “We didn’t realize we were making memories...we just knew we were having fun.”-unknown #BVKeepItOldSchool #OGRememberWhen #nashvagas1 #Yomomemos @beardedvillains_tn @beardedvillainsarkansas

17-01-2019 04:15:16

Look what I got still looks good after 14 years corliss Williamson aka big nasty autograph Arkansas Legend champs 04 Detroit Pistons 6th man of da yr

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The whole world is ahead of Luke Chandler and I have ALL of the feels about it. Being a mother has helped me with patience and I’m learning to slow down A LOT. I’ve been living my life going 100 mph afraid of FOMO and always having to stay busy to keep my anxiety at bay. I pray Luke grows to be confident in himself, something that’s taken me nearly 25 years to do. Here I am, a couple months shy of 27 and I have just now, about 2 years ago, become comfortable in my own skin. I pray Luke dreams big and KNOWS his dreams can be attainable. Here your mom is chasing her dreams and you are the motivation, lil dude. #lukechandlerjones #newbornmom #newmomlife

17-01-2019 04:06:58

Literally can’t handle the pups at @carearkansas right now! Pumpkin and SO many others are looking for homes

17-01-2019 04:00:07

My life has been crazy lately. On my own. Everyday just making enough to get a cheap motel room and look for more jobs. It's not that I am off meds again because I'm taking them everyday. I needed this struggle to prove something to myself. #schizophreniaawareness #rethinkmentalillness

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“Take me to an art museum kiss me in between the paintings” #artwall #streetmurals #littlerockarkansas #streetmuseum #untitledart by #jones

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Back at it again

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