Harley-Davidson Museum

Nothing personal just business🦍

18-02-2019 02:24:28

There is something eerily romantic about visiting the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee while it’s snowing. I equate snow with nostalgia as if it’s falling all around me. It allows me to reflect on myself, where I’ve been and where I’m going. It reminds me of the Midwest, which will always be my home and although I don’t say it often, I miss it dearly. Thank you to every who made this weekend possible. Mama Tried was a blast, wish I had more time to see everyone ️ #mamatried

18-02-2019 00:17:08

HUBBA HUBBA. #mansman #

17-02-2019 21:30:53

Spent the morning at church. #harleydavidson

17-02-2019 20:49:43

Brrrr with my @sob7957 #imiss70degrees #frozentrouble #

17-02-2019 20:42:49

"Well I was thinking… maybe we could go to the Snow Ball together." – Mike Wheeler, Stranger Things ️

17-02-2019 20:02:56

OG Bagger Dreamz.

17-02-2019 19:49:16

All of this snow is making me more and more ready for bike nights this summer

17-02-2019 19:40:28

HD museum with @sob7957

17-02-2019 19:29:48

HD museum with @sob7957

17-02-2019 19:26:59

Boot scoot

17-02-2019 18:40:26

Harley history shows that motorcycles and ice cream has always been a thing️

17-02-2019 17:42:24

Serial Number One. #harleydavidson 🤘

17-02-2019 17:26:47

17-02-2019 17:25:30

@mamatriedshow was sick. So many choppers. So much chrome. I also became Evel Knievel. Thanks to @christian_reattoir for hooking up this excellent weekend before I get hitched.

17-02-2019 17:03:18

Thanks Milwaukee! Stomach hurts from laughing or all the beers. Either way it was worth it!

17-02-2019 16:07:16

O pneu mais foda do role. #flatoutfriday #flattrack #mamatried #harleydavidson #oficinadeharley

17-02-2019 15:04:04

O pneu mais foda do role. #flatoutfriday #flattrack #mamatried #harleydavidson #oficinadeharley

17-02-2019 15:04:04

Harley-Davidson Museum

17-02-2019 13:56:27

Model 5D (1909) The birth of a myth: the first model propelled with the new V-Twin engine of 1909. With a displacement of 810 cc. and 6.5 horsepower. In this model there were some problems with the belt tensioner that were solved in the models of later years.

17-02-2019 08:20:46