Wilmington, Delaware

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17-01-2019 04:36:30

Our kids are our future and The Warehouse will be a quality collaborative afterschool program that will enrich, enhance and support confident, competent and courageous young adults who are ready to take the next step in their lives. When we launched the It’s Time campaign we knew there were many good things happening in our City that were not known by our own citizens and people who live outside the City. The Warehouse is one of those stories that we need to tell. We want our children to reach their full potential after school and I’m glad that our youth are an integral part of the planning and design of the new facility to ensure it meets their needs. Today is the launch of a program and will enrich the future of Wilmington’s young people. #ItsTimeWilmDE @kccwilm #WilmDE

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Bringing my work home with me on this late night #RaisingKings grind... I actually went live on fb to give you all a rare peek into my personal world. #issalot

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3/ Wilmington series #downtown #wilmingtondelaware #mytown

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Hace un par de años atrás

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This Thursday's drinks are half off from 9pm to 1am

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Free the Gang... Teach them right and let the lead the way!!!

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Then and now. ・・・ #Repost @udelaware ・・・ Who needs a #10yearchallenge when you can have a 100-year aging challenge? The years have been good to Memorial Hall and The Green. ・・・ #radio #de #wdel #wilmingtondelaware #delaware #breakingnews #delagram #udel

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Our office has been hectic lately with planning and prepping for the tax season. With new structures in place, we are excited to meet with everyone and help make this tax season less stressful for you! Send us an email if you are interested about our rates, have any questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment! #oss #officeservicesolutions #taxseason2018 #taxes #organization #planning #businessstrategy #delaware #newcastlecounty #delgram #wilmingtondelaware #betterbusiness #smallbusinessowner #womenownedbusiness

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All players get a reversible jersey and shorts and championship games will be played at the new 76er Arena. Don't miss out. Mark your calendars and please spread the word. #jrnba #bgcde #ballislife #fraim

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@foralltoenvy 2009 pretdator tee man i miss that piece

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