The Broad


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11-12-2018 00:50:24

Seeing all the colors makes me miss my hair color

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Me trying to make more copies of myself to bring back to work. #thebroad #losangeles #shotoniphone

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10-12-2018 22:53:55

day made.

10-12-2018 22:52:17

@thebroadmuseum was everything I could hope for and more ️ please keep making art, please stay creative, and please keep appreciating each other’s work

10-12-2018 22:49:36

A Year Ago. #LinkinBio #OtiumbyCharlieBrianna

10-12-2018 22:45:10

Lot of Murakami in the hallway

10-12-2018 22:26:55

Pattern #architecture

10-12-2018 22:23:16

Lit or nah?

10-12-2018 22:21:33

Go subscribe to my YouTube channel the name is Supreme King Demon Duelist. Also this picture is when I went to the broad with my old school called five acres I am sad that it shut down now all the kids I am worried about and I wish they did not shut down also I will try and do a live stream to raise money so the school can be reopened but for that to happen I need your help to do that.

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10-12-2018 21:57:49

“I’m not saying I don't cry, but in between, I laugh. And I realize how silly it is to take anything too seriously”

10-12-2018 21:54:56

I’ve waited sooooo long to experience the magic of the infinity room and it was everything. #art #museums #lights #infinitymirrors #infinityroom #yayoikusama #magic

10-12-2018 21:36:33

A R T // @prestoncouks //

10-12-2018 21:20:13