State Fair of Texas

Two things i love in one picture. Youand Food

10-12-2018 23:23:38

Sweet like cotton candy.

10-12-2018 23:06:48

smile for the camera thank u @rhileephotog #modeling #dancer #dallasdancer #smile

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Good luck on your test beautiful I love you my little pumpkin

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State Fair

10-12-2018 17:39:51

@ The Texas State Fair 2018 G O O D T I M E S

10-12-2018 17:01:09

#Repost- How many of you picked up a @paddletramps ornament from the @gotexan pavilion during the fair?! If not, don’t worry they’re now available on Paddle Tramps website! Just go to their profile and click link in bio! #Ornaments #Texas #StateFairofTX

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tb to when I went to the fair and then didn’t post about it because I was lazy

10-12-2018 00:34:11

It's a wrap! Kwanzaafest 2018 was amazing!!! I love being involved and being the voice of the Dallas community!!! I was blessed with an opportunity to minister on the big stage, and young girl gave her life to Christ! #GodsChozen #iAmChozen #Community #Impact #iMime4Christ

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Accidental but I still like it.. I had no idea what I was shooting this portrait over because I hadn’t picked up my camera in a few weeks, but I think it’s always fun to create prints that are big fat surprises when you get the roll back. This isn’t an apology for being kind of absent on insta because someone recently called me out on how much I apologize for just being me and it kind of woke me up a little to how toxic that practice can be, but I did want to explain myself a little of how I’m going to use this forum going forward. (Not that everyone is holding their breath but just because I can.) I picked up a camera two years ago, photography always being something I loved but never something I thought could be more than just a hobby, and I began taking photos all the time. For a year and a half, i posted a photo everyday, trying to grow my page and my audience, opening this app way more than I care to admit, and in some ways just trying to fit into this world that I stepped into. Somewhere along the way though, this thing I loved so much also became a source of anxiety, which I hated because it’s also the way I’ve found I can express myself most authentically. Therefore, I had to step back from this platform. From the toxic side of what it can become so my photography can become more my own again. I’ll still be sharing, it will just be less and more intentional, photos that move me, work that I can’t keep to myself. Love y’all.

09-12-2018 03:49:49

Can you guys tell blue is my favorite color?

08-12-2018 23:15:59

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