Portland Art Museum

12-12-2018 03:37:28

Jeppe Hein, "Please Participate," 2015.

12-12-2018 03:17:54

Take your star-stuff-self down to see the Sun Ra exhibit. ️

12-12-2018 02:57:33

#pdx #japanese #art a rare treat of Waka poetry combined with painting A rare female poet-courtesan Moshio. Artist unknown , calligraphy attributed to Moshio

12-12-2018 01:41:56

Just wanted to let u guys know that summer of 2019 my exhibit at the portland art museum will be presented we call it "CAMPOS, a diamond in the rough"

12-12-2018 01:41:33

I’ll just run into the museum store. #happenseverytime #pdxparkingbureauknows #wolfkahn

12-12-2018 01:41:22

#pdx #japanese #art

12-12-2018 01:35:20

Find me here 24/7

12-12-2018 00:34:57

art piece titled: bibiana

12-12-2018 00:28:45

11-12-2018 23:48:19

벼르고 벼르던 학교 옆 미술관 관음보살상을 보자마자 눈물(은 왜죠?) 사람없는 미술관은 언제나 좋다 근데 포틀랜드에서 김정호 지도 무슨 맥락? 조선후기라고 표기할거면서 조선시대 전체 년도 표기는 왜죠? 왜 이거 일본 시화 특별전시관 안에 있는거죠? 화남...ㅂㄷㅂㄷ 그래도 작품들 사진찍을 수 있게 되어 있어서 좋다 #portlandartmuseum #buddha #augusterenoir #claudemonet #koreantopography #sunra

11-12-2018 22:57:42

Our kiddo-free day date for G’s birthday didn’t happen as planned, but we made it a family outing and they did great! Loved the Sun Ra exhibit.

11-12-2018 22:28:40

11-12-2018 21:18:35

What’s another perk of becoming a CAC member? The parties! The CAC will be hosting a viewing party of Nick Cave’s “As Is” Dec 12th. Director Evan Falbaum spent 12 months with the artist leading up to a one-time multimedia performance, which involved hundreds of people from the local community. The documentary shows the project from its beginning in the Shreveport Regional Arts Council boardroom all the way to the premiere of the performance of “As Is” by Nick Cave and captured the profound way in which he delivered his message of change to the Shreveport community. This community celebrating film is a great way to reconnect with old CAC friends and toast to another art-filled year. Click the link in the bio to become a CAC member today!

11-12-2018 21:07:56

My friends really pulled a @willsmith on me ! You guys are sneaky but amazing🥰🥳!!! #wdgholidayparty #willamettewonka

11-12-2018 19:43:57

#fog #pdx

11-12-2018 14:43:40

Sometimes You Just Gotta Be Extraa.

11-12-2018 05:35:00

| Thanks for the laughs at the WDG Christmas Party. Made it to year 10 | . . . . . . #willamettedental #findyourfreedomwdg #christmasparty #portland #portlandartmuseum #workparty #thecrew #besties #purple

11-12-2018 05:10:22

“The way to know life is to love many things.” – Vincent Van Gogh 🧡 One of my favorite pieces from this museum

11-12-2018 04:15:46