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From #BehindTheScenes of #TheAmericanMeme with @sarahzurell when I styled @brittanyfurlan for a @pavemint commercial. The flick is out on @netflix now! DISCLOSURE: fake gun prop for a police officer costume used in the production ‍️ #BTS #Stylist #CostumeDesigner #SeducedByStyle

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photo/video by @@dreamtheaterofficial

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Missing my favourite land mermaid @carlalii and our adventures in #LosAngeles #cityofstaaaars #areyoushiningjustforme #lalaland #socal #calistagia #️

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Today marked the last lazy day before the semester starts next week and I FREAKING DIDNT GET TO SLEEP IN.

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⠀ ⠀ Do not follow @fittyfemales if you dislike routine shots of girls! ⠀ @helga_model ⠀ Credit: @beautygirls_club

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regram @charbfit Booty building - 9 months apart. Proof that building curves CAN be achieved. -I got told it couldn’t be done by so many and hey, what do you know? I did it 🤷‍️ * knowledge is pooooooower!* It’s a process to be followed. Training right. Eating right (usually eating enough of the RIGHT food is the issue) And supplements. @blackstonelabs_official In 9 months us ladies have babies. We all allow the baby to grow and we nurture ourselves and we look after our bodies... when it’s ready we have this beautiful little miracle. My booty is my baby. (- my other baby aside my daughter lol ) 9 months of letting it grow, nurturing it and now I have a solid bouncy booty. - what im really saying here is our bodies need love and care. ️We can’t build miracles over night they take love & patience.️ I found it hard at first. I won’t lie. I even got down about it. Questioning myself even tho I knew my methods were correct and that they would infact work. But I persisted. Grudgingly Now I couldn’t be happier. I achieved my goal. Problem is what’s the next goal for me to conquer? 🤔 #charbfit

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May every move be better than your last

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everything is bright (from a long time ago ... they kept asking issa about yelp)

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regram @edwinhonoret This car asked to take a picture with me ‍️

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Checkin the DMs like

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