La Jolla, California

Sunday Vibes! #lajolla Have you set your 2019 goals? It’s never to late to make some. My goal is to help 20 families find there dream home this year and nothing is in my way of making that happen! I want to hear one goal you guys have for 2019! Comment down below

18-02-2019 03:45:15

An afternoon at the glider port, creeper beach, and La Jolla.

18-02-2019 03:44:59

18-02-2019 03:44:46

Swim in

18-02-2019 03:41:50

Another rainy day another coffee shop ️

18-02-2019 03:41:01

After a long week, spending time with my best friend washed all my cares away. Love you

18-02-2019 03:36:54


18-02-2019 03:36:42


18-02-2019 03:34:42

I just love her. ️

18-02-2019 03:32:48

Chloe Doodle drying from the rain....

18-02-2019 03:32:09

18-02-2019 03:29:46

Still learning to use these water colors on realistic figures :) #watercolor

18-02-2019 03:29:02

I’m an odd combination of “REALLY SWEET” and “DON’T MESS WITH ME” #fashionnova #fashionnovababe #lovinglife @fashionnova #wehrevergoesaroundcomesaround #loveyourselfenoughtoknowyourworth #lajolla #sandiego #california

18-02-2019 03:24:50

Eye Sea You.

18-02-2019 03:15:48

My heart is overflowing with love and joy. When I thought this weekend was going to be a few days of exploring La Jolla, my WONDERFUL cousin decided to take my pals & I to Disneyland one of the days. I mean HELLO these gals started off my birthday in the most fab way. Love you all!!!

18-02-2019 03:15:42

I know my Son's chicken scratch...., I have it tattooed on my arm!!!! Had to get my bifocals out.... Written sometime today.... "Back Later Cameron" written on my wall near where I've been sleeping.... Cursive "Cameron" the C starts out with the wing, as he was #GivenToFly #EddieVedder #PearlJamFamily #PearlJamFanForEternity #LaJollaCoves

18-02-2019 03:14:09

Finally getting to use some cool new gear outside of work. #portraitphotography #sonya7iii #zeiss55mm18 #sonyalpha #sonyshooter #sandiego

18-02-2019 03:14:00


18-02-2019 03:12:30

@taywag wearing the Cream ‘Oahu’ Bottom and trying to decide which board she wants to ride. We can’t wait for another summer in Southern California #californiasurfing #plasticfreefashion

18-02-2019 03:08:42

Hixson farm to table #vegatarian #saxum

18-02-2019 03:08:29

“Sunny Jim” cave in La Jolla is a must see when in San Diego. #sosandiego #sunnyjimcave #lajollacove

18-02-2019 03:00:54