United States Capitol

Took myself on a little scooter photo tour of DC spots Saturday morning - felt a little eerie being one of the few people out and about

10-12-2018 23:50:14

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It’s a big tree #christmastree

10-12-2018 23:48:40

The Dome looms...

10-12-2018 23:46:29

Best interns around. Thanks Jay and Ana Paula for y’alls hard work serving South and West Texans this Fall. Good luck on finals, and keep in touch!

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Every once in a while a moment takes our collective breath away. Last week Senator Dole’s salute to President Bush reminded us that despite America now laying the greatest generation to rest, Honor, Service, Sacrifice and Unity are virtues still alive. Let’s honor and absorb as much as we can from the men and women who earned us our freedom in WWII.

10-12-2018 23:35:03

Happy Holidays! Santa is bringing me a new Congress! #igdc #walkingindc

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No filter needed. #mydc #mydccool #capitol #capitolhilldc #visitdc

10-12-2018 23:29:16

Well, at least the weather and food are good here

10-12-2018 23:27:00

Last day sad boi vibez: unfortunately future campaign stock photo: definitely Thx for a truly amazing experience

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10-12-2018 23:22:03

I just signed the 2018 #FarmBill conference report. This is an important step in advancing this legislation which strengthens the farm safety net and provides important tools to help see #NorthDakota #farmers and #ranchers through hard times.

10-12-2018 23:19:26

Canine Congress (FL Reps. Carlos Curbelo and Stephanie Murphy host a #BipawtisanHowliday celebration) #dogsofinstagram #dogsofcongress #doggos #puppers #christmas

10-12-2018 23:18:52

“Let there be Peace on Earth” #christmas #hope

10-12-2018 23:16:04

The nation’s capital provides so many opportunities for great photos. The #CapitolBuilding is an awesome sight, especially for a student of history like myself. It’s amazing to think of all the great political minds that have graced the halls of this building. #DC

10-12-2018 23:14:32

Thank you Vice-Ranking Member @repmarktakano for supporting my bipartisan legislation to help active duty servicemembers suffering from the loss of a family member.

10-12-2018 23:06:47