Chelsea, Manhattan

18-02-2019 03:51:44

U can’t spell fart without art 🤷‍️

18-02-2019 03:49:45

18-02-2019 03:41:34

18-02-2019 03:37:59

attack: 69 defense: 96 drip: 🤑₩10000000000₩🤑

18-02-2019 03:36:14

Loopty loop🤓 | Shielding from the cold

18-02-2019 03:32:46

My Ummi better than yours #NoSnoozingOnThatClock

18-02-2019 03:30:42

Josef Albers #gallerysunday #art #josephalbers #green #chelseagalleries so beautiful

18-02-2019 03:27:42

Casual night with my soulmate.

18-02-2019 03:24:45

In a Lonely Place is a must watch and even more a must read, the Dorothy Hughes novel is one of the best books I’ve ever read, find it!

18-02-2019 03:12:00

Random acts of kindness week. For me it's my daily life. It's just who I am.

18-02-2019 03:08:29

‘Descendants of New York’ Photography by me Models @amyinfluence & @anyalesun Wardrobe Stylist @ilaria_de_plano Makeup Agency @qmodels

18-02-2019 02:55:56

Down in the studio working on some new paintings. _____________________________________________________ Untitled (Detail) 2018 Spray Paint & Paint Marker on WaterColor Paper 18x24 @liquitexofficial Spray Paint and @montanamarkers on Watercolor paper by @cansonpaper _____________________________________________________ #paintmarkers #spraypaint #spraypaintart #streetart #popart #punkrock #inthestudio #artiststudio #chelseanyc #iwantyourskull #popart #streetart

18-02-2019 02:54:01

I seem to have mastered the study break aspect. Wearing new threads from @jed_north ⤵️ ◾️Stringer Hoodie - Charcoal Gray, Large ◽️Agile Shorts - Black, Medium #jednorth @jed_north

18-02-2019 02:43:52

让蜡烛代替所有灯 让音乐代替话语声 此时无声胜有声 #chelsea#thehighline#meatpackingdistrict#nightview#

18-02-2019 02:43:13

#1980s #nostalgia found in a quirky, fun Chelsea shop #stickers #ilovestickers

18-02-2019 02:33:05

The chosen fam

18-02-2019 02:26:55

18-02-2019 02:24:24

Giant high five for this sentiment. Repost from my @uberblond "you're the sum of the five people you spend the most time with." I read that tidbit three or four years ago and it has always stuck with me. as many of you may know, I'm in a moment of re-jiggering my life and, in that, that quote has stuck in my head. I've been thinking a lot of who I spend my time and energy with: are they kind? are they doing the hard work of developing their gifts and taking a run at their lives? are they brave enough to be vulnerable? are they willing to go there, in conversation, connection and love? and when I find people like @kathleengrayce and @chavone who I can say a solid yes about to all those questions, well, I'm gonna keep them close.

18-02-2019 02:24:08

Incredible one woman show “Say Something Bunny” by Allison Kobayashi! The play is like a documentary, a monologue and interactive at the same time. Love all the theater adventures we have @scynge

18-02-2019 02:20:12

dont forget to take your break

18-02-2019 02:13:07