Los Angeles Dodgers

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38 more days till Opening Day

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young and beautiful

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Gametime with my brothers! #dodgerstadium

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Trabaja Por Tus Sueños

16-02-2019 21:36:45

Xerife chegando na área, pedro jogador versátil que pode atuar por varias posições defensivas chaga para nos ajudar crescendo no cenário do pro clubes !! Voa garoto

16-02-2019 18:52:38

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Бывает такое, что чем дольше сидишь над одной работой и смотришь на неё, все меньше и меньше она нравится? А уж пока фотографируешьВ конце хочется только выбросить. Это просто взгляд замыливается или куча недостатков вылезает?🤷‍️ Do you know that feeling when you’re looking at one work too long and you don’t like it anymore? Is that just a view or you really start to see a lot of mistakes?

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Balance IN FlowHumanity is presently experiencing a transition. These transitions are necessary & inevitable. All is happening in Divine Timing & ultimately this is a positive shift. During this shift in Consciousness we can feel alone, isolated, or unsure of what our next step is. First, know you are never alone. We are always connected to Source. This connection lends us an opportunity to fully feel any emotion as it arises. Validate your feelings. Even if they do not seem appropriate for a situation, all emotions are valid. It is okay to not feel understood. It is okay to feel isolated & alone. It is what you do after you have felt through these emotions that matters. Did you learn a lesson? Did you gain new insight? Did you allow yourself to feel your feelings? Did you discover the root issue that sparked these emotions? Discovering & working through perceived negative emotions is how we Heal & begin to Change with Intention. It is how we bring our UNconscious into Conscious Awareness. This is a never-ending cycle. An endless opportunity to Heal, Grow, & Change in the name of making this world a better place. When your Journey seems endless remember, Life is Cyclical. We are not meant to live perfectly. I believe striving for perfection is just practice that makes progress. It is okay. Progress is our goal. Life moves in cycles & flows through change. We are on an endless Journey towards Enlightenment. Transcending. Balancing Physical Human Life as we Flow through the endless Change of our 3D Reality. BE in the Moment. BE Creative. BE a leaf on the river. Flowing with the currents of time. It is not about being perfect. It is about Progress. Why not make it FUN? YOU are the Co-creator of your Reality. Within the Laws of Divine Timing, you are encouraged to be creative in how you shine Love & Light onto Mother Earth.

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