Viejas Arena

17-02-2019 21:57:49

KISS in San Diego, February 7, 2019! Opening Song! #endoftheroadtour #kiss #kissonline

17-02-2019 21:35:03

KISS Killed It at San Diego State #EndOfTheRoad #SanDiego #KISS #ViejasArena

17-02-2019 21:06:39

Parky’s first Aztec BBall game was a success. The team won, but I think it was the nachos, hot dogs, music, dancing, and other things that are gonna make the boys Aztec fans for life.

17-02-2019 15:07:12

saw #panicatthedisco and #conangray with @golden._.smoke !! also looked like i died from dehydration ️‍

17-02-2019 08:28:11

Great time watching the game with my pops!

17-02-2019 06:32:27

. Full ️ tonight seeing these kids have a lot of fun at the SDSU basketball game with getting team signatures, being on the Jumbotron to watching the Aztecs win #aztecs #sdsu #basketball #winners

17-02-2019 03:36:49

We have @sdsufowler in the house rooting on the Aztecs today!

17-02-2019 01:52:14

Back again...

17-02-2019 01:21:53

Go Aztecs!

17-02-2019 01:15:33

Shoutout to @aafflalo tha dude that gave me good looks and curls.

17-02-2019 01:10:55

The Big Ole Rascal @aztec_mbb @goaztecs for the start of the SD college hoops double header!

17-02-2019 01:10:42

#sdsuaztecs #weareaztecs

17-02-2019 00:44:00


17-02-2019 00:20:13

GO AZTECS! #AztecMBB #ibtwww

17-02-2019 00:03:59

16-02-2019 23:59:56

Pizza or Exercise? ‍️ Many people are discouraged by the idea of getting into shape and exercising because they ‘love food too much’. But believe me when I say this, NOBODY loves pizza, as much as me. 🤤 •• However, it’s possible to do both! But if you wish to continue to do both, whilst staying in relatively good shape - then you need to MOVE. ‍️ Walk, lift, hike, run, box, climb; whichever physical activity you enjoy doing, do that. You will regret not starting sooner, do it for your future self.

16-02-2019 19:11:41

I guess we are pretty much ballin? #latepost

16-02-2019 02:49:56

The West Coast weekender lineup is out and it’s ! Head over to their IG to win two free tickets! Featuring @claptone.official @leefoss @carlcraignet with special guest @thepharcyde and many more! #westcoastweekender #edmfriends

15-02-2019 20:49:12