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Como andamos Amigos de IG? #weekendgetaway #familytime #enjoylife #golf# #sanantonio #texas

18-02-2019 04:53:10

We are finally home! I am so proud of @maeve.dancer. She danced her booty off all weekend and it paid off today. She got called out in ballet. At the closing show, she was called back on stage to perform the audition combo. She earned a nationals hip hop scholarship from @barryyoungblood. She was also named an “I Am The Jam” Winner which is a multiple city scholarship and also entitled her to audition for their Company and Jammer of the Year. I have to say that we have done a lot of conventions and this one was probably my favorite. The faculty didn’t just treat the dancers like a number in the room. They took the time to get to know their backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses and worked to improve them in every genre. They also shared a lot of their own dance experiences at these ages. One of the best parts for Maeve was that she made a new friend in @claire.bcc who was on scholarship from Birmingham, Alabama. Just a lot of warm fuzzies for this mama. Great weekend! Now we rest!

18-02-2019 01:55:15

Sun kissed...? I think not ️️

18-02-2019 01:00:08

Teaching my friends some golf lessons!

17-02-2019 22:49:15

Grateful for a chance to catch our breath #breathingroom

17-02-2019 21:15:36

Quick and fun dance convention weekend at @hollywooddancejamz with @annie_gratton, @barryyoungblood and more incredible faculty members (we missed getting pictures with!) #swiperight to check out my girl in the pink on the right getting down in Hip Hop! #ashlynmayer #8yearsold #alwaysababydoll #myverybestfriend #danceconvention #hollywooddancejamz #hiphop #jazz #ballet #tap #contemporary #insightdanceensemble #123ide

17-02-2019 20:42:33

Such a fun combo! Mama was singing right along! @maeve.dancer is on the left! #Repost @hollywooddancejamz with @get_repost ・・・ Hold UP! Check out this Teen/Senior group from @barryyoungblood . . . #hdj #hdjsanantonio #dance #danceconvention

17-02-2019 17:38:23

Good morning desde San Antonio Ranch! Pasándola con lo mas importante que hay en esta vida, la familia! #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #weekendgetaway

17-02-2019 17:19:41

Been looking forward to this all week ;)

17-02-2019 04:24:05

no those are not little rips on my jeans they are flowers

17-02-2019 04:20:45

Dance competition complete!!! #dancemom #dance #hollywoodjams #indymay #littlefit

17-02-2019 02:14:01

Nature walk with my loves 🥰

16-02-2019 23:06:55

Hollywood Damce Jams Lets Go!! Excited for solos!! ️️️️ @hollywooddancejamz @chrissys_dance #hollywooddancejamz #hdj #hdjsanantonio

16-02-2019 21:51:30

@hollywooddancejamz we see you. Ready to watch my @tiny_dancer_kiki take the stage at your San Antonio Regional Competition. Awesome intermission jams, adding a few to my playlist. #dancedad

16-02-2019 21:40:57

All state was the best experience in my life so far it's was really fun and I recommend it to people because the experience and honor of being in all state is just amazing.

16-02-2019 18:11:05

Morning views #everythingeverly

16-02-2019 14:52:13