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@jax.welch and @coltgarrett were enjoying the protein pancakes yesterday! Not only they’re tasty and easy to make, but they pack about 15 grams of protein! #fuelingfearlesschampions

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Steadily moving forward teaching the full front squat. . These guys have done a great job buying in and are going to be putting up numbers in due time. . One thing I’ve noticed over the last 2 years is that using FRC based principles in conjunction with our newcomer squat progression exponentially enhances results. The key as always is doing it Every. Damn. Day. @joeybergles @frank_castle9 @owingsderek @sccoachhoward @daniel_health @afrye_ @adambeck_ @jquintnmt . . . #wreckem #gunsupnation #frcms #fullsquat

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Another #tryittuesday in the books! Our football players loved those organic chickpea puffs from @hippeas_snacks! With 4g of protein and 3g of fiber, this is a smarter snacking option with a great taste! #fuelingchampions #QBsnack

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FRCms, FRAs @joeybergles #FunctionalRangeSystems ・・・ Small Sample Of Our Night-Before-Game @kinstretch Routine That We’ve Been Utilizing All Season. We Always Finish With Nasal Breath Work & Breath Holds To Bring Them Into A Parasympathetic State 18-24 Hours Before Game Time. . @drandreospina @functionalrangeconditioning @hunterfitness @danajohnflows @getchimpy @coachzachdeck @frankduffyfitness ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #kinstretch #functionalrangeconditioning #controlyourself #movement #instagood #mobility #flexibility #yoga #instafit #training #football #fitness #hips #hipmobility #breath #breathing #squats #benchpress #crossfit #sports #strengthandconditioning #sportsperformance #sportsscience

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Young Gun!!! Well Deserved!!! #MVPat@patrickmahomes5 @texastech_fb #TTech

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Today #tryittuesday featured rice cakes of various flavors! @_terencesteele_ added almond butter on top of his chocolate rice cakes, while @justusdecota decided to go with PB and banana slices! Rice cakes are a great source of easily digestible carbs to fuel your pre workout! #fuelingchampions

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this was like months ago buttt wreck ‘em!!️

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GRIND: Get Ready Issa New Day

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Missing tailgate szn with these babes

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Saturday Night in Lubbock!

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Santa sighting at Texas Tech!!!! #iknowhim

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View from our gig last night

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Our face when we know the weekend is here! . . . #PNEU #weekend #smile #freeatlast #trending #hubcity #texastech #lubbocktx #hashtag

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2013. ttu

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recap #kingsburied #rip

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nothing beats the love i have for cheering on the red raiders. see you next year texas tech football️

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Reminiscing on the summer of 2013, heading into your first year as a collegiate head coach, having 5AM workouts I attempted to beat you into the facility every day; never could. At that point I saw the work, the effort you were willing to put in, to gather all of your willpower and input that energy on making Texas Tech University the best it could be and I saw it through your 6-year tenure. The results may have not reflected how much rigorous work and love you had for that school but when the lights were on you gave it more than everything you have. Thank you, Coach Kingsbury, for molding me into a Unanimous All-American, for being the Leading Receiver in the Big 12, and for inspiring confidence in me like no other coach ever has. Walking up to you against West Virginia that afternoon telling you “Give me the ball and I’ll win you this game” will be seared into my heart forever. Love you Coach.

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