LaGuardia Airport

That moment right before an early morning takeoff where you look out the window and see forever. ️️

12-12-2018 04:41:42

Landed in NYC today in preparation for an investor event tomorrow. Took this photo of the midtown skyline from La Guardia.

12-12-2018 04:18:15

Made it to New York City safe and sound... Getting ready to celebrate 31 years of love life and marriage... Broadway here we come!!

12-12-2018 03:01:56

i miss keeping an eye out for @tchalamet and new york coffee

12-12-2018 02:34:20

Every time

12-12-2018 02:13:45

Travel doodles from this weekend! #NYC

12-12-2018 02:08:17

Me & @matrixmandible Back in nyc since this afternoon. #nyc #welcomehome #backinnyc

12-12-2018 01:10:55

An excellent travel companion #seikoflightmaster #watchjunkie

12-12-2018 00:24:06

12-12-2018 00:22:19

LGA’s new Terminal B concourse has opened! #americanairlines #lga

12-12-2018 00:14:55

Kids are loving the new LGA! There’s a lil game area for our future aviators!

12-12-2018 00:11:56

Beautiful sunset over Manhattan on my way to Laguardia heading to Charlotte to see Nic. #wintersunset

12-12-2018 00:08:48

Money On My Mind‼️ So Let’s Talk About It️

11-12-2018 23:46:02

Getting my drink on.

11-12-2018 23:35:44

Love the new LGA terminal #lga #newyork

11-12-2018 23:20:10

Feeling extra detached lately.

11-12-2018 23:15:05

A whole new LGA! #laguardiaairport

11-12-2018 22:34:52

졸려서 음식시켜노코 바로 투고박스담아버린후 #노숙자모드

11-12-2018 22:05:18