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You just decide what your values are in life and what you are going to do, and then you feel like you count, and that makes life worth living. It makes my life meaningful - : @iam_thehulk

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Before we knew anything we were guest to one of the first life changing event of our lives. We got to see @johncmaxwell live, shake his hand, and hear his incredible wisdom for the first time. Listen to talks about leadership, love, growth, confidence, discipline, wealth, and freedom. We were children entering into the game of life. Clueless. Arrogant but hungry. SL2014 4 years later I hope we’ve grown in some ways. Maybe a little more humble and all the more hungry. We still got a LOT to grow. Thankful for all the mentorship in our lives that has guided us through all of our mistakes to help us fail forward. God chose the perfect partner to be my “compatible” companion for this incredible journey. FR2018 @ileia.tran @thejasonguyen P.s I know.. my old hair ️🤤

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The magic is within you - always has and always will be. Self love is not something we can just do once. The journey of self discovery, acceptance and nurture isn’t a simple answer or a one day fix. It’s a relationship and relationships take time to improve, strengthen, and deepen. To be honest I struggle with this every day, usually it’s easier for me to take care of others. When it comes to myself, it’s easier to make excuses. I sometimes let the noise of other people’s judgement get the best of me. I’ve even created a list of my own. But a drowning man can’t save another drowning man. I couldn’t expect to fill someone else’s cup when mine is empty. I had to learn how to ignite the flame within. Only then would I have the ability to share it with others and light their’s too. @ileia.tran

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Dream it till you achieve it. The vision becomes reality in your mind long before the physical world. Have so much clarity in what you want you can almost taste the air when you step onto the stage. Let your senses seduce you. Sink deep into your vivid imagination. So when they ask if you if you’re nervous, the answer is no. You’ve been there a thousand times before. In your mind’s eye. @ileia.tran @thejasonguyen

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