This corner is In dedication to Hawaii (may I get there some day). I gave myself Frangipani (plumeria) cuttings for my birthday but they stopped growing when I brought them in the house. Then I put them in this eastern window w a mister, now I have new growth in just a few weeks. I feel you, girls. Now waiting for some flowers in spring.
#hawaii #plumeria in NC #justplumerias
surjane23 I think they are growing because they are being serenaded by the little Hawaiian guy! All they needed was a little ukulele… - 26-01-2019 22:26:50
an_to_the_gie @surjane23 that little Hawaiian man is President Barack Obama, he was a gift from Mom & Dad when they went to Hawaii. So You may be right though, because I sing Aloha Oe to them while he ukes & bobbles. - 27-01-2019 00:39:42