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The official account of Montblanc Hong Kong.
  • 16-07-2019 10:08:58 5 likes 時光倒流 . Montblanc 全新 Heritage 系列單按把計時碼錶,捕捉優雅而精緻的氣息。 . 點擊兩次以開始時間旅行。 . Turn back time. Capturing the spirit of sophisticated vintage elegance with the new Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph. . Double-tap for time travel
  • 12-07-2019 10:15:59 69 likes 過去與現在 . 結合復古風格和最先進的複雜功能,Montblanc Heritage系列萬年曆腕錶配置時針、分針、星期、日期、月份、月相與閏年顯示 ,分別位於三點、六點與九點位置的大型小錶盤設計,功能清晰易見。 . 全球限量100隻 . Where past and present align. . Combining vintage feel and state-of-art complications, the Montblanc Heritage Manufacture Perpetual Calendar indicates hours, minutes, date, moon phase and leap year - all in an easily legible way, thanks to its large counters at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. . Available online from 1st September. Limited to 100 pieces.
  • 10-07-2019 09:56:07 61 likes 最純粹的精準 . Montblanc 全新 Heritage 系列單按把計時碼錶配有銀白色微拱形錶盤,煤灰色立體阿拉伯數字刻度以及米蘭式網織鏈帶,賦予腕錶極致優雅而精緻的氣息 。 . 立即瀏覽montblanc.com . The purest precision. . With its silvery-white dial, anthracite Arabic numerals and indexes and a stainless steel Milanese bracelet, the Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph puts a spark in your eyes. . Find yours on montblanc.com
  • 08-07-2019 09:55:27 49 likes 永恆的時計 . Montblanc 全新 Heritage系列 GMT ,設計復刻Minerva 經典的復古美學,配有橙紅色微拱形錶盤及藍色指針,盡顯優雅氣息。 Timeless timekeeping. . Embracing the elegance and precision of historic Minerva legacy, Montblanc Heritage GMT features a salmon-coloured domed dial, automatic movement and a second blue-coloured hour hand. . Stay tuned for more.
  • 04-07-2019 10:16:10 53 likes #BAPExMontblanc 限量版聯乘系列,採用Saffiano 印花皮革製成,印有A Bathing Ape®經典圖案,在城市中脫穎而出。 . Brave or bold? You can have both. . Montblanc Saffiano leather gets a Harajuku treatment in the new Montblanc Sartorial Limited Edition collection. Designed in collaboration with #BAPE it is made for standing out in the urban jungle. . In dedicated countries only. #BAPExMontblanc
  • 03-07-2019 12:20:36 52 likes 原宿街頭風格 #BAPExMontblanc . 立即親臨Montblanc 專門店了解更多 . The new street style maverick. . Find it in dedicated boutiques and check out our Stories for more of #BAPExMontblanc from around the world.
  • 02-07-2019 10:14:01 61 likes #BAPExMontblanc . MONTBLANC攜手日本街頭時尚品牌 #BAPE 推出一系列特色原宿街頭風格限量版聯乘文件袋及皮具配飾。 . #BAPExMontblanc . We teamed up with the Japanese fashion label #BAPE to celebrate the characteristic Harajuku street style with the Limited Edition Sartorial collection.
  • 02-07-2019 08:36:36 32 likes 太空漫步 . 人類便開啟了太空探索的旅程,@plato_q 通過他的藝術和想像力來體驗太空零重力。全新 #StarWalker 星際行者系列,讓您探索無限創意。 . Space walker. . For now, space exploration is possible only for just a handful of people. But @plato_q can experience zero gravity through the power of his art and imagination. . Explore the limits of your creativity with the new StarWalker collection. . #Reconnect2TheWorld
  • 28-06-2019 10:09:44 48 likes 太空探險家 . @plato_q 在他的插圖中解釋了太空人的想法,全新 #StarWalker 星際行者系列前端筆蓋與筆尾旋轉機制就像是太空人將頭盔固定在太空衣的方式,而黑色樹脂更令人聯想到浩瀚的宇宙,半透明圓頂設計喚起了懸浮在太空的地球。 . Your own personal space explorer. . @plato_q interprets the idea of an astronaut in his illustrations. We do it in our writing instruments: the polished platinum-coated cap of the new StarWalker Fineliner represents the astronaut, while the black precious resin of the recalls the dark vast expanse of space and the translucent dome beneath the emblem evokes the Earth suspended in it. . #Reconnect2TheWorld
  • 27-06-2019 11:30:14 57 likes 探索新觀點 . 全新 #StarWalker 星際行者系列的藍色半透明圓頂設計,喚起從月平線升起的畫面,提醒我們保護和珍惜地球。 . 點按一次了解更多 點擊兩次以表達您對地球的愛 . New perspectives . Celebrating the adventure of space exploration, the new StarWalker collection features a translucent blue dome that evokes the earth rising as seen from the moon - a reminder to look back and cherish our majestic yet fragile planet. . Tap once for more details. Tap twice for show your love. #Reconnect2TheWorld