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  • 21-08-2019 18:26:55 2479 likes Good from far, far from good nevertheless...I persevered. That’s right friends, my basic braiding self, braided my whole head all by myself I used a couple YouTube videos for reference/motivation and the elastic band method. My parts are questionable, but I’m on the tall side so hopefully the parting police can’t see my scalp at close range. Now let’s see how long this lasts part of the reason I decided to try it myself is because A) I hate sitting for hours on end 🥴 B) I usually get tired of protective styles faster than I get my $$ worth ....sooo we’ll see how this goes 🧐 How long can you rock a protective style?
  • 19-08-2019 02:40:40 2658 likes After telling him my real name isn’t Mommy #momandson #momblogger #boymom #barbados #freepeople
  • 18-08-2019 14:05:48 1300 likes ” Sea Rock Children Is Strong Children “
  • 17-08-2019 00:37:41 975 likes Beach casual in @iamjenniferle
  • 15-08-2019 16:06:42 1944 likes Crop Over is nice, but have you ever eaten your body weight in jam puffs and fish cakes? 🇧🇧 • Dress @freepeople • Shoes @zara • Earrings @sophiacjewelry #Barbados #momandson
  • 14-08-2019 21:33:33 2525 likes Solitude What does your alone time look like? Do you squeeze your moments of freedom into early mornings or late nights? Does exhaustion take priority over solitude or will you sacrifice sleep for those moments of sheer nothingness? My introverted ways have always made me crave alone time. Now, as a mother, I see it as a priority rather than just something I enjoy. Unfortunately mental health and self care has become so trendy that many view it as a luxury or a gimmick. But I do believe that alone time is imperative when raising another human. The way you answer questions, react to spills, and the attention you give, changes when you have moments of clarity and space. The same way that athletes need to rest and recover in order to perform their best...Moms, you most definitely need it too ( I’d say more!). This trip has been wonderful but also challenging at times....surprise surprise right . Now as much as we have travelled with our lil guy, each trip is unique because his age and development is constantly changing. This trip, if he could, he’d literally be Krazy glued to my hip..bless his heart and sweet cheeks. It’s not a new environment nor are the faces unfamiliar, but he’s a different person as he grows. He wants his mama, all day everyday...and you already know...as I get my moments of relaxation, of course I miss him wanting to be attached to me. I call him my little duckling because he really follows behind me from room to room as if it’s his job, carrying toys and all. So I usually spend countless hours late at night having my alone time after the little one is asleep, just to really relax and reset. On this particular morning I woke up extra early and prepped for some style shots and I felt so free in these moments, walking the beach, staring at nature and listening to silence laced with palms touching mellow waves meeting and birds singing. While I typically look at this family trip as a time for extra help and freedom, it is yet another reminder that you can’t predict anything when it comes to parenting. You must ride the wave, and if you have moments of solitude during an early rise, you may as well try your best to shine mama
  • 13-08-2019 03:08:22 7568 likes August 5th marked 7 years as married folks and September will be 13 years in this best friendship. The pics have become a lot less polished lately, and so have we 🥴. Having a baby will put your relationship to the test. First you move through the world in a fatigue soaked zombie state that is fortunately balanced by a gentle haze of euphoria because the newborn stage is oh so cuddly and sweet. Basically you’re hella tired, but you probably still love each other because you made a sweet needy lil human together and it blows your mind to see you/your partners face on a tiny body . Now the toddler stage...ooh weee. You’re dealing with legit human poops, tantrums over things like broken cookies, cookies that aren’t broken enough, red shorts that aren’t green, and shoes that need to be tighter and looser at the same time. Toddler logic will test you and I have to say...there are many days I want to have a full out trial to determine who has the right to be more tired, myself or my husband. While this stage is super challenging, it’s also so much fun to step into this new wave of parenting together. Biting our tongues so we don’t say inappropriate things our son may repeat at school ....looking at each other trying not to laugh when one of us has to be the disciplinarian so he learns that poking someone in the eye is not acceptable 🥴...the list goes on. As the time grows, it gets better, it gets different, it gets challenging, and it gets better again. We’ve been together long enough to see each other physically aging now and it’s actually more entertaining than I could ever imagine. He sees me pluck my sporadic chin hairs and I see him mumble over ingrown toenails....if that isn’t love....🤷‍️ My guy doesn’t have Instagram so I’m posting for myself, but also for anyone out there in a long distance relationship that needs a little encouragement that it can work out in the end. Love waits if you can trust it. Patience isn’t easy but I’ve come to learn that it’s one of the most crucial attributes for a healthy relationship. Learning the act of patience early on, helped me to be a better wife and mother. We were apart for 4 years in the beginning..( cont’d below )
  • 11-08-2019 01:52:56 1404 likes Base tan established....time to get funky
  • 10-08-2019 04:22:48 1355 likes Remember when you judged other parents and then you became one? Shooting some glances and saying to yourself “ where is his/her coat or shoes ?? “ my child would never.....🤣 Or when you felt disgusted by that snotty nose that needed to be wiped....messy face or fingernails...with no comprehension that these parents are out here very aware and equally disgusted, whilst trying to avoid a landmine by wiping said face in public 🥴 and how about the child on the iPad eating the candies....oh how we judged now look at us partaking in all of the above on any given day because survival ...goodtimes. Yea I post cute kiddie pics now and then, but trust and believe...I’m still out here getting karate chopped to the gut by a human barely taller than my knee, in between the cuddles. This adorable picture was taken just after he insisted on walking around with 2 shades and a toothbrush in his hands....yes, a toothbrush. Some battles just aren’t worth fighting, and you’ll never know it until you’re in the trenches 🥴 Also....send suggestions for removing sand from curly hair attached to a moving toddler thx in advance #momlife #likewhoa #momchat #toddlermom #boymom
  • 09-08-2019 21:46:40 702 likes Oh it’s a beach beach