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Car Guy with a Youtube problem

Man this thing went 10’s sooooo easily. Can’t wait to see a 9 on spray! Dale Truck FTW! #1320video

16-01-2019 23:07:04

Livery on point #ruby #auctioncorvette

11-01-2019 21:39:32

We have so many torn up projects right now there’s parts everywhere. Today we cleaned up the shop and setup some shelves to keep things organized. Pick a shelf!!! Btw, have a great freaking day ya savages! #1320video

09-01-2019 20:16:19

I am speechless. @mountaindew sent us a package.... what’s inside is the start of something amazing #teambardleskeet

07-01-2019 15:47:59

Junkyard shenanigans in today’s video... better go see what we found! #wreckingball #1320video

06-01-2019 19:22:57

Neighbor update video coming in one hour. Good/bad news #1320video

04-01-2019 15:19:12

My girl @holleybananapancakes checking out @cooper_1320video’s new Supra #coopra #1320video

28-12-2018 23:20:09

Merry Christmas ya savages! Work hard, always smile, and let it rip. #precisionturbo #christmas

26-12-2018 00:51:17