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  • 25-08-2019 15:33:47 7344 likes Happy Birthday to #BlakeLively and her incredible suit collection ️
  • 24-08-2019 23:03:59 5797 likes Idk which is more iconic... Blue's tiara or Beyoncé's feathers . Head to the link in bio for more memorable #VMAs fashion moments.
  • 24-08-2019 19:35:42 3268 likes Children's book author Judith Viorst has never loved her life more than she does now. And she’s also almost 90. ️ For a feel-good weekend read, head to the link in bio and get her advice on how to be happy.
  • 24-08-2019 14:04:07 6275 likes The three stages of finding out Lizzie McGuire is coming back ️: shock, awe, and trying to remember if you still have those butterfly clips... Head to the link in bio for more info.
  • 23-08-2019 22:43:57 3597 likes Which @emrata is your ideal weekend? (Currently vibing )
  • 23-08-2019 17:16:11 5030 likes Sooo, we have a theory about Lover. Read how the new #TaylorSwift album may be a complete timeline of her relationship with Joe Alwyn, link in bio.
  • 23-08-2019 13:00:38 3220 likes Live footage of me, barely making it through this week : @chrissyteigen
  • 22-08-2019 23:46:03 3755 likes This is arguably the most ICONIC #VMAs moment of all time . In honor of the @vmas next week, we went deep on this 2003 performance. Link in bio for all the celebrity reactions, drama, and things you may have missed.
  • 22-08-2019 20:49:25 17347 likes @Zendaya is our unofficial queen of accessories, and she's been embracing pearls as of late. Link in bio for more on our favorite accessory trend for fall.
  • 22-08-2019 15:00:35 1483 likes It's not quite a cause for celebration, but today is #BlackWomensEqualPayDay, which marks the point in 2019 at which the average black woman's wages at last catch up to what a white man earned in 2018. Head to the link in bio to read @blklivesmatter Co-founder @chasinggarza talk with @meena about the gender wage gap, progressive economic policies, and what it means to be phenomenally black.
  • 21-08-2019 21:23:11 6704 likes We’ll just leave this here... @lizzobeeating @hillaryclinton
  • 21-08-2019 17:56:27 9845 likes Looks like this breakup is official... Liam Hemsworth has reported filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus, citing "irreconcilable differences." Link in bio for more of what we know.