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Waste My Time 8/9
  • 22-08-2019 23:35:40 50480 likes Happy as can be lmao ALSO Who’s coming to my LA show tonight??
  • 22-08-2019 23:27:17 40389 likes A very good explanation of our relationship @eduardo_vanzin
  • 22-08-2019 21:12:55 65661 likes waddle
  • 20-08-2019 15:55:37 56601 likes soo I’m giving away some tickets to my LA and Phoenix shows. If you want to come out and see us, email gvwcontest@gmail.com to win some E N J O Y️
  • 20-08-2019 05:57:14 99210 likes just a friendly reminder from yours truly to please remember that real life is right in front of you and it’s important to balance your online presence with your true physical presence and peace. As a teen who has grown up online like many of you might have I’ve never developed to strong of a dependency, addiction, comfort, whatever you want to call it towards technology and thankfully, because of that I’ve learned at my early age that after placing even the slightest amount of routine on social media and online presence it starts to seem like that genuinely makes you happier throughout experiences and daily life. I know it’s a little hypocritical of me to be saying this *through social media* but I don’t want people to take this as a get off of social media post because its not. It’s more like a know that your happiness, feeling as if it were more prominent through experiences WITH your phone is complete bogus and I PROMISE that if you push through that very temporary feeling of “I wish I had my phone”, you’ll find that peace will find you. Find your balance, self reflect, take breaks when needed, and enjoy your real experiences. Gn
  • 17-08-2019 22:32:43 59000 likes AUSTIN!!! can’t wait to see you in a couple hours! I just found out from the box office that they released some more tickets for TONIGHT’s show. so go get em/ come see me! Link in my bio
  • 16-08-2019 22:45:18 57137 likes Some moments from Atlanta can’t wait for Dallas tonight
  • 16-08-2019 19:37:32 56748 likes My bangs be too long rn
  • 15-08-2019 17:30:38 39267 likes behind the scenes WMT!!!! new video is out link in my bio o
  • 14-08-2019 21:59:01 54265 likes Soundcheck ▪️ ALSO thank you all for one million on waste my time really love and appreciate y’all... ALSO behind the scenes video for WMT comin out tomorrow
  • 14-08-2019 21:07:53 67819 likes wooing the stand at the show tonight ️Atlanta️ Photos by @andybarron
  • 13-08-2019 21:45:53 85985 likes Nashville y’all WHOS PARTYING WIT ME