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stratum sultan rs elegy rh2 gtr Hustler Dune loader Blista

So I got a new windshield for the blista and now it gonna be my new daily and I traded the blade for some rusty hustler and got a new drag build and also got a tow a dune loader

15-01-2019 14:49:17

So the sultan is almost done but thx to @karindinkaautomobiles for the wind deflectors and @thatguyray for painting them and I also brought the skyline out and went to hang out with the boys

09-01-2019 15:01:34

So after a 2 weeks I got my baby back thx to @driffcxea9 for building my engine and make it perfect and now the car is almost done I have to get my front bumper repaint @thatguyray shop but while I wait for it I finna run no bumper for a while

04-01-2019 05:55:57

Was at a meet and I bumped into @airedoutttt and it was cool seeing him and his clean car

29-12-2018 01:09:51

Got me a little gift for myself I got me a rh2 gtr v spec in midnight purple and she is beautiful

26-12-2018 20:49:25

After my long break I am back so I got me a new house in mirror park and the sultan got a new body kit and it’s being sent to @driffcxea9 garage to get it’s motor built

24-12-2018 18:18:08

This Sultan rs is coming on long slowly but it going thx to @seito.bigboday and @loosingsignal for the parts and this car is gonna be a really clean show car

24-11-2018 23:27:31

Some nice pics at a muscle meet with @stancedoutcrew by @delta_car_club

19-11-2018 20:02:09

So I haven’t posted in a while because I have Been having some problem with the bank and I was out on a trip when I come back I was kick out my apartment and the bank repo my cars and toon the money i own them but I they didn’t take some car for some reason so I got this cheap apartment and it been going down hill my blade had a blown moter and my stratum has a blown head gasket

16-11-2018 04:26:06

So after my Supra got stolen I got some money from my insurance company and got some new shoes for the stratum

02-11-2018 15:03:40