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Millennial Diva
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  • 21-09-2019 21:57:31 302012 likes @papermagazine #mickeyfreeman
  • 20-09-2019 14:08:30 108948 likes To love me one must be BRAVE. Valiant— not because I am difficult to love but because I am abundance. To not want to confine, restrict or drain me one must have courage. You can love someone but be too afraid to express it as the verb it is. Love can not act alongside cowardice, just like a cake can not rise w/o baking powder. To “love” me or to bake me, that is the question.
  • 19-09-2019 21:22:13 150069 likes If you sorry to your man, those men, or that man, this is the tee for you #linkinbio #availablenow
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  • 18-09-2019 17:43:37 93095 likes Ooooh I was nervous! I had to give my @sarahaines the most personal gift I could. She gets me HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU! #VirgosBOOM
  • 18-09-2019 15:59:56 113347 likes A Wednesday mood / @nypost
  • 17-09-2019 21:24:42 45330 likes What show does this remind you of?? 🤭🤔🤪 #strahansaraandkeke #ssk #GMA3
  • 17-09-2019 16:16:29 93068 likes Always fun sipping tea at #wwhl.
  • 16-09-2019 15:55:28 108012 likes Where you rushin’ love? #BigBossLooks
  • 14-09-2019 21:24:16 254946 likes My name is Lauren Keyana Palmer. I’m a 26 yr old Virgo. Life Path #11... And gamers, are my weakness. 🥴 Fortnite. Apex. MK. LOL. COD. GTO. — I’ll cheer you on(I don’t play well I just crush on the players)🤣
  • 13-09-2019 20:40:23 220163 likes Twitter is killing me with the memes from this clip omg (shoutout to @t_equilaaa on twitter) #sorrytothisman #yesimsomebodiesauntie
  • 13-09-2019 15:32:04 168546 likes It was so good to be back in a city I love so much last weekend. Brought back such wonderful memories!!! #tbt #TIFF #HappyHustlersDay 🥰