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  • 20-08-2019 19:06:56 148228 likes Just a shoutout to the one spot in my house that has great lighting
  • 19-08-2019 20:29:52 215803 likes Vanessa and I have so many options for our holiday cards this year
  • 18-08-2019 19:04:08 203478 likes : @greggsulkin #cinderellachristmas
  • 14-08-2019 21:33:52 323527 likes A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish is coming in October! Check out the link in my bio for more details and exactly why my face is so full of Christmas cheer #cinderellachristmas
  • 14-08-2019 16:37:31 61945 likes Hiiiii! Adapalene Gel 0.1% is almost here! You can swipe the link in my story for more info! I know so many of you who deal with acne understand what a struggle it can be and that there are different levels of severity. You want products that are going to help you with your level. Lucky for me (and a lot of people), @acnefree works really well with all levels! Adapalene Gel 0.1% is their newest treatment, made specifically for people with severe acne. I wanted to give a little instruction on the proper way to use it All you have to do is clean your face at night and apply a pea-size amount on your dry face. Then, make sure to use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer with SPF 30 in the morning to protect your skin from the sun ️ That’s it, super easy and super worth it! Follow @acnefree to learn more about how to treat your face with Adapalene and give you awesome tips on how to keep your skin #clearAF 🧡 What do you have to lose? Besides acne that is
  • 12-08-2019 23:43:55 132667 likes I’m a little late on posting my thank you video (that I literally filmed last night and am still posting a day later), and let’s be real, no one really asked for this, but I’m just so obnoxiously excited and wanted to say thank you to everyone who made yesterday possible!!!! First, thank you so much to everyone who voted!!!! You guys are the beeeest. Second, I’m so grateful for the whole #ThePerfectDate cast and crew, especially our director @chrisnelson ️ Third, I have the best family ever, who literally visited me on set while we were shooting, and are just ️️️ Aaaand special thank you to @ellenmarano and @jenjen2010 for working on this and just being awesome special, special thank you to the sun for being so bright during this video. Okay, I’m done, I swear!!!
  • 12-08-2019 19:18:44 284931 likes Yesterday was I’m still just so ridiculously happy/still freaking out. My face in the first and last photo really sums it up...
  • 12-08-2019 02:49:05 417360 likes I won my first surfboard!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
  • 11-08-2019 21:18:44 214700 likes Sooo excited for the Teen Choice Awards today!!! Thank you to everyone who voted and watched the film (I’m so late, but ummm 48 million people watched us the first month?!? Crazy!!!) Seriously, no matter what, I’m so excited and so grateful 🤓
  • 10-08-2019 20:39:36 582032 likes This is probably the 10th photo @greggsulkin took of me while I was in this state, hence the look on my face
  • 09-08-2019 18:41:49 73945 likes #ad | Guys!!! I am so thrilled to reveal that @acnefree is launching a brand new acne treatment! Introducing (drum roll please), the once-daily retinoid Adapalene Gel 0.1%!! So, a little background on why this is such a big deal: Adapalene was previously only available by prescription, but it is now over-the-counter! Now, as I’ve said before, I usually get breakouts (specifically on my chin) when I’m stressed or wearing a lot of makeup, but my skin has truly been feeling and looking amazing over the last year since I started using AcneFree products. While I’m lucky that their products have helped my skin a lot, I know that there are people who have more serious and severe acne, which may need something a bit stronger. Quite a lot of you have mentioned how much you’ve struggled with acne, which is why I’m very ridiculously excited that @acnefree now offers Adapalene it’s easy to use, affordable, and derm-recommended for stubborn and severe acne! Adapalene is going to be available for presale in a few days!! Follow @acnefree for details!
  • 08-08-2019 18:59:32 196183 likes Merry Christmaaaaaas thank you @entertainmentweekly for premiering the adorable trailer for A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish (mamma mia, what a title) check out the link in my bioooo to watch!