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  • 17-08-2019 13:55:40 188 likes One on one session with him and he’s leaving here richer than he came in Finally he got to experience to have wick entries
  • 16-08-2019 12:00:56 110 likes Being able to help people make money. That's something no one can ever take away from me. . I am grateful to have the types of students I mentor as they are very dedicated towards their goals and most importantly they follow up on the course I've presented to them. . Working with my ideal students only, Comment below if you are as eager to win as my students
  • 15-08-2019 13:11:14 470 likes Coming from where I come we had to beat the system, beat racism and beat poverty. . How you expect kids in the hood to stay focused when the fridge barely has something to keep him alive. . We were born to fail as you can see they closing all the schools and all the prisons getting open
  • 14-08-2019 12:13:33 612 likes It only takes 10 000 hours to master a skill, but most people prefer to study for three years atleast to be able to get a job that isn't guaranteed in the first place. . What's more painful is that a person wants to be rich in a week or just a month of starting to trade forex or of running their own business. This mindset is actually taking us back to poverty as some of us managed to escape that just by implementing the 10 000 hour strategy. . You are just one decision away from a totally different life and make sure that life is the life you have created for yourself.
  • 13-08-2019 09:57:59 622 likes If it wasn't for the believe on has on his hustle. I'd still be in the same condition I've managed to escape. . The message I'm trying to send here is that you have to believe in you because nobody will believe in you at first before they actually start to see results. . Comment BELIEVE if you feel like you needed to hear this!!
  • 04-08-2019 20:40:59 598 likes I've stayed true to myself. Most importantly I've stayed true to the mission. Never beg for help as it will lead to someone taking advantage of you. . Instead offer them something in return so it makes sense that you also bring something to the table. . This week we making lots of money for sure you guys in the same mood? Photo by: @omnipotent_sa
  • 01-08-2019 21:07:37 650 likes Not too look like we winning on social media , Its amazing how life took a young boy my age from literally the streets. Back when I was still in college I had dreams of making money from home. . Today I'm just grateful for being able to hold on past obstacles coz at the age of 20 I experienced a lot of financial problems. 70% of the time these obstacles made it seem like this isn't meant for me. I got tired of standing at the same corner 24/7 doing the same thing . . Obviously not everyone liked that choice that's why if you look at my old pictures youd see that alot of people faded away . We came a long way 100 Mill is just a comma away🤞
  • 28-07-2019 08:46:10 586 likes Each time j think of it. It takes me less than a second to be grateful, not for a lot but the fact that I am experiencing freedom. . I live the day by what I have planned and wrote as a goal, and that's how things will be for me . I can also smell the money coming soon too
  • 22-07-2019 14:46:16 504 likes Never judge a man if you really don't know much about them. . All the pains I've been thru finally played out, I've been on the corner trying to get my coins up. Nearly ended up in prison, I then one day had to sleep in a house four days and night with no electricity coz I ate my pocket money back in college. . I was really low and nothing seemed to work out, today I am blessed to see myself doing better. I am blessed to see myself help others do better. . I'm not here to post a lavish lifestyle on social media but my purpose is to be a voice to those that believe its possible to be something from literally nothing.
  • 20-07-2019 13:14:20 346 likes I am so fortunate to be sending this message to you on phenomenal saturday, I believe the moment we have been waiting for has presented itself. One thing I quickly want to say is that never give up on your journey, I remember there was a time in my career I was going thru the worst situations such as losing a lot of money in the Market and not being able to keep up with my expenses. But I still prayed and pushed and in just two months later from that situation I have made well above 6 figures. . But this message is to the ones that believe in what they see, where they see themselves and most importantly. Who they want to become in the next few months or years. You can never achieve a goal by just talking about it. . I would like to officially introduce the Forex Chasers website, Whats interesting about this is that it has its own dashboard meaning as soon as you purchase our Premium package course or signals you will automatically get login details that will take you to these videos and pdfs of the ourse and you will get links that will add you in our Private groups. . Check out the link in my bio and see you in the team
  • 18-07-2019 13:52:38 554 likes I still ask myself how I get haters, how can you hate me when my voice speaks for more than 200 thousand people. . Will be launching My Official Site on the 20th Jully, stay tuned for updates. .