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  • 21-07-2019 00:45:01 39831 likes Everybody has 24 hours. What you do with your time will dictate your future. Don’t let the haters stop you keep chasing your dreams. I’m up too high I can’t hear y’all if you hating!
  • 20-07-2019 22:28:00 41879 likes TMZ "I GOT THE HOOK UP 2" Big Release Out Does "Stuber"at the Box Office, Putting up Big Ticket Numbers against Major Movie Releases the same weekend. Salute to all the fans that supported the movement. It’s okay to start small and dream big because it’s all apart of the process. #igotthehookup2
  • 19-07-2019 20:08:25 6793 likes Aug 2nd Denver y’all Ready?
  • 19-07-2019 17:06:01 55631 likes Start small and dream big. Most people won’t see your vision but if you work hard, believe, and put God first you will get to your destination. Owning your product will change your life. I did it you can do it! We took over music independently Movies are next.
  • 19-07-2019 14:38:02 5042 likes IGotTheHookUp2 making history thanks to the fans. In theaters at the same time you can download the movie on iTunes or Amazon. It’s not just a movie it’s a movement! We are changing the game. God is good!
  • 18-07-2019 14:08:49 19485 likes We made history today thanks to the fans. "I Got The Hook Up 2" is the number one urban comedy in America and top ten on iTunes and Amazon, proving that African American and Latino movies are in demand. "God is good”. We have to keep dreaming big. The more they hate the more we make. It's all about ownership and controlling the content that we create so that we can make a real difference and put money back into our communities. This opens the doors for the next generation of African American and Latino independent filmmakers. We also need diversity in Hollywood, not just on the big screen but in ownership. "I Got The Hook Up 2" is not just a movie, it's a movement. Don’t be afraid to start small and build. It’s a process. This is only the beginning. Salute! To the fans. Movies...Movies...Movies @fatboy @dcyoungfly @pioladitingancia @iamjuju_ @iamerica_mena @webbietrill @michaelblackson @jesshilarious_official @jeezy @askfly1 @juggieofno @aprylsjones @romeomiller @chriskennedy1001 @314garyjohnson @iambigcourt @therealscruncho @therealajjohnson @biggurlmama_yg @rightcheeklg @whleli @officialctv @rob_kazi @ptownmoe @officialtinylister @officialtanjareen @dorienwilson_ @johnnywitherspoon @silkktheshocker @iloveangel2 @loveebonique @luenell @holygod @funnymike @farrahabraham @michaelblackson @donteriohundonn @adrienbroner @juhahnjones @mack_a_fool @bendadonnn @yfnlucci
  • 16-07-2019 02:33:39 27860 likes We helped over 2,500 seniors. God is good! I salute to the I Got The Hook Up 2 cast not only for the movie, but for giving back and being there for the scenes. #WeAllWeGot @dcyoungfly @iamjuju_ @pioladitingancia Join the Movement! Still in theaters! Number 11 movie on iTunes and amazon and still going up. Thanks to all the real fans.
  • 15-07-2019 03:38:50 53186 likes Give y’all the game Sunday. The only way we are going to over come poverty is through ownership. Start small and build. Took over the music industry next is Hollywood. IGotTheHookUp2! #weallwegot
  • 14-07-2019 23:54:09 177510 likes Who are the haters in the neighborhood? Salute to my real fans. We went up against the big system and won. God is good! We put a movie in theaters and on demand at the same time. Now the next generation can own their movies. #igotthehookup2
  • 14-07-2019 16:03:06 71633 likes Minorities must own the movies and product in order to change poverty in our communities. “I Got the Hook Up 2” is opening up doors to young film makers to own their vision and profit from it. God is Good. Join the movement! #WeAllWeGot
  • 14-07-2019 00:38:31 49305 likes Time to own our movies, start small and take over Hollywood. Join the movement! We put people on from the bottom. This was not made with a spider man budget but with ownership we are on our way to takeover Hollywood and feed our people. Download “I Got The Hook Up 2” at Amazon or iTunes now.