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  • 11-08-2019 05:01:06 129475 likes The last episode of #roadiesrealheroes was a tough one for me... the first time in my four year long journey I had to face sudden death on the show , and more than anything else seeing @milindchandwani and @sohil_singh_22 ( who also happen to be my two most favourite roadies this year) had to say their final goodbyes . No matter how I put it , defeat is tough to deal with ... but my victory lay in all the love all of you have showered on me and little did I know that this realisation would come at such a huge cost. Thank you for tagging me in your posts and comments , I promise I have read almost all of them and that’s the love and force that brings me back again tonight on a brand new episode of @mtvroadies at 6pm (not 7pm) on @mtvindia ! 🤟 #oncearoadiealwaysaroadie #roadiesrealheroes #gangneha
  • 10-08-2019 10:41:02 29051 likes Thank you for sharing your story ... we promise to take this beyond a week .. ️🤱#freedomtofeed #Repost @sweataah with @get_repost ・・・ Happy to be sharing my #breastfeeding story on this #worldbreastfeedingweek. When Zahra was born, one thing I was sure of was breastfeeding her. At first I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was painful, exhausting, latching was a struggle, but at the same time it felt wonderful. The bond we share through breastfeeding can’t be explained in words. One particular incident that comes to mind when I think of my breastfeeding struggles is on our third day at the hospital, a nurse came to give my baby her last dose of antibiotics. She had to be on antibiotics as she was born 24 hours after my membrane ruptured. The nurse had to call for help as she was unable to find her vein to change her IV and eventually took her to a different room. More than an hour later she came back saying they were still unable to find baby’s vein as she was hungry and dehydrated. She gave me two options: pump or give formula. I chose to pump. 15 minutes of pumping and still no milk. She said I wasn’t producing any milk so I might not be feeding her anything for 3 days. Shocked and disheartened, me and my husband had no choice but to opt for formula. In spite of knowing it takes 3-4 days before you produce enough milk, I was convinced I wasn’t producing any and opted for formula. Next day my lactation nurse Kathy came to my room to apologize for what we had to go through, and for the wrong information that nurse gave us. She said I was producing more than enough. I continued my journey of breastfeeding after that. Not every mother is lucky to have someone like Kathy to guide her through this wonderful and most difficult journey of breastfeeding. I know many incidents where a mother gave up breastfeeding because she didn’t have the right help. I’d recommend every mother who choose to breastfeed to do proper research and get help from a lactation nurse if they can. And if you choose not to breastfeed for your sanity or other reasons it is totally okay too. One shouldn’t be judged for the choices they make, breastfed or not. Lastly, I want to suppor