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Actor... Co-founder The Audrey Silva Company(TASC).. Producer, The Meeting Movie.. Contact management- mildred@audreysilva.com #ritadominic
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  • 22-07-2019 12:28:51 65143 likes N E O N O I R #lafemmeanjolathemovie Make up and photo | @bibyonce
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  • 21-07-2019 17:40:48 19597 likes @k8henshaw’s birthday party over the weekend. It was a groovy night! Always great hanging with these beauties!️️ #swipeleft.
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  • 21-07-2019 17:28:29 25066 likes @k8henshaw’s birthday party over the weekend! #funtimes 🤗🥂️
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  • 21-07-2019 16:09:47 5318 likes A very happy birthday to the president and group ceo transCorp hilton, Mr Val Ozigbo. May all your wishes come true and may God’s blessings continue to rain down on you! Have a wonderful day bro, bless!🥂🥂 @valyntino
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  • 19-07-2019 11:09:41 49531 likes Today we celebrate my darling kate Kate as she turns a year older but I also celebrate the great woman you are.. You are selfless You give yourself wholeheartedly to causes and to helping people Your staying power that transcends decades is commendable and certainly admirable Your heart is soft and mushy on the inside, forget all that exterior hardness (our inside joke). I celebrate you today my dear friend and I pray that God’s light shall continue to shine upon you and all your heart desires be granted by the almighty! Lots of love today and always!️️️ @k8henshaw #WCF #swipeleft
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