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  • 08-07-2019 04:24:54 124 likes The season of the beautiful rains is here. But maybe it is not as wonderful for the birds as for us. They get infected with viruses resulting in fever and many other diseases. A major cold is also very commonly found these days. A large reason for the fever and cold being intact is the wetness. Our volunteers here, installed yellow bulbs in the cages to keep them warm. They were kept warm but the bulbs fail to dry them. So, a simple solution. Here, the volunteers took hairdryers and 45 birds were dried in lesss than 60 minutes. Happy news - All the birds flied right away🤩 Also, a small request to everyone. During rains if you see a bird taking shelter under your roof or your building, don't unnecessarily make it go away. The small innocent life is not there to harm you.
  • 07-04-2019 17:46:38 101 likes Finding water for their little ones and for themselves in this summer is very difficult for bird and animals. We @savebirds requests you to keep a bowl of water in your balcony or terrace/compound. Let's help the speechless, let's do the task of humanity #savebirds #nature #birds #waterforbirds #waterforanimals #summer #savenature
  • 24-03-2019 13:28:58 100 likes These innocent lives are still facing after - consequences of Uttarayan. A festival that has to be celebrated for joy is turning out to be the reason of sorrows for some. The caller woke up to find this bird brutally hanging out of the window early morning. For what we know, it may also have been there overnight. The bird was dead on arrival and we couldn't help but feel sorry for these lives. Please make sure you remove all the manjhas you find near your area. Our happiness during Uttarayan was short lived.(2-3 days) But the birds are facing deaths even after 2 months today. #SaveBirds🥺
  • 17-03-2019 12:29:46 107 likes This is a kind of scene to be commonly found in households or offices. Guessed what caused this? Yeah. Fans. The pigeon's leg was cut in a fan at the speed of 5. May we please request all of you to make sure you switch off fans when you find pigeons entering the rooms with fans. If you can't rescue them, you can atleast make sure it's safe. After all they say, prevention is better than cure. :)) #saveBirds #savebirdsthissummer
  • 22-02-2019 04:26:36 59 likes Some of the near by rescues are held by the kids who whole heartedly wants to save lives and do a noble cause. Salute to our volunteers who get their time from busy schedule and are involved in such great activities. #realHeros #lifeSavers #saveBirds #rescueScenes
  • 20-01-2019 11:09:56 160 likes Spreading awareness in a fun way... Let's save birds, lets protect our nature #sundayfunday2k19 #savebirds Special thanks to @sundayfunday2k19 for giving us a chance and a platform to spread awareness and save more lives
  • 08-12-2018 12:44:40 143 likes The season of kites, mazaa for humans and sazaa for birds. It has arrived. We, as a team, have started doing awareness presentations in various schools. This is an insight from our first presentation of this season. Our members explained the basic first aid treatment to be provided to an injured bird. Everyone here is also welcome to learn the treatment. (DM for more details.) We would like to thank the authorities of St. Lawrence (St. Xavier's) to give us such an opportunity. #SaveBirds #Awareness #SayNoToKites #Sankranti2k19 #KitesFestival #ThreadKiteOrWingKite #Robot2.O #rajnikanth
  • 04-11-2018 18:53:09 114 likes So, presenting to you, these super brave firemen who also contribute to our organization. They're always only a call away. They're the real heroes. We celebrated this auspicious festival of Diwali with these JAWANS by distributing sweets to the firemen of all the three shifts ( Morning, Noon and Evening). We also respectfully felicitated them for their selfless support. There are many cases we speak about where our bamboos couldn't reach and just a call to these guys and they're ready with their friendly services. A big salute to this guys. And a happy Diwali to you all Stay safe. P.S - Contact us on 8451899899 in case of a bird suffering due to fire crackers in this season. #SaveBirds #HappyDiwali #HaveASafeDiwali #RealHeroes #Firebrigade #100xsupport
  • 05-10-2018 20:26:05 101 likes A parrot chick is born with only a thin layer of thin, wispy feathers called down. Parrot chicks are blind for the first two weeks of their lives. At three weeks, they start to grow their adult feathers. But sadly, this chick was attacked by a disease and lost the wispy feathers too. The absence of the feathers made it shiver worsening its condition. This cute one is with us since 3 months and is currently under regular treatment. Fortunately, it is under the recovery mode and the feathers are re-appearing. Let's hope it gets all it's feathers and wings and is free to fly asap FYI - Rice is it's favourite food
  • 14-07-2018 05:04:14 87 likes There might be a place in your surrounding where people use to feed pigeons daily, right? This post is for you then! Due to monsoon these pigeons get wet and are unable to fly until they are dry. This period in which they can't fly is very risky for them. They might be hunted by rival animals and birds. We need to save this innocents. So guys do keep the watch in your surroundings and whenever you encounter with such case contact your nearest NGO's. Thank you
  • 15-06-2018 19:01:52 87 likes Milvus migrans also known as Black kite is a dangerous creature as per us. But there are cruel occurrences in their lives too. This poor one was thrown out on the road by a man who cut his tail so it couldn't fly and he could make it a pet. But the handling of a kite turned out way too overwhelming and so, he threw it on the road which is again against the Indian wildlife protection act 1972. The rains of Mumbai not only affect people but also birds. It got sick and was trapped at Marve road, Malad West. It was rescued by a volunteer at Kandivali and had to be dried by a hair dryer. Currently it is under the care in a foster home. #SaveBirds #AbandonCruelty #AbolJiv #AhinsaParmoDharam #JivdayaEkUttamKarya