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  • 19-07-2019 16:54:03 11641 likes SPARRING @WONDERBOYMMA - Easily the most challenging person I've ever moved with. He closes the distance deceptively fast, disappears/reappears like Goku by cutting angles, and has crazy dexterity with his legs. Thankfully he has superb control, so he pulled all of his power... otherwise this would have been the worst experience of my life Thank you WB, your father Ray, and all of the students at Upstate Karate for having me
  • 19-07-2019 00:06:12 4795 likes Teaching alongside one of my favorite fighters was truly a monumental experience in my martial arts journey. @mikechandlermma, again I would just like to thank you for opening your doors at @trainingcampnashville for my wife and I. Honored to have you as a friend Fantastic work by everyone who attended — pro fighters, coaches, even first-timers all making each other better. Nashville is such an awesome city, I can’t wait to come back! Until next time...
  • 17-07-2019 19:44:30 3341 likes APPRECIATION POST This tour has been nothing short of amazing. I haven't had a free minute to thank to all of the people at @fittofightrepublic in Charlotte -- not only did a learn a ton about control in the clinch and side control with @ryanhooverftf and @knight_jiu_jitsu_, but I've also experienced how much #MartialArts brings people together. Truly grateful to be making lifelong friends and memories. Let the good times roll!
  • 11-07-2019 17:26:39 2684 likes Very happy to announce the premier of H.U.M.A.N. (Humanity's United Martial Arts Network). Being lifelong fighters, @mackowal and I believe that with great skill comes great responsibility -- H.U.M.A.N. explores the roots of martial arts, and how the acquired skills transcend just combat. This pilot episode with history professor @daniele_bolelli is a perfect first podcast to set the tone for our show. Daniele explains how Japan nearly abandoned all martial arts when America attacked their ports with guns and cannons. That was until the founder of Judo, Kanō Jigorō, revitalized #martialarts by focusing not only on self-defense, but also on moral behavior and self-improvement. Upcoming episodes: • @karatehottiemma (UFC Fighter) • @tonyblauer (Self Defense Expert) • @kennyflorian (UFC Fighter & Commentator) • @renato_laranja (27-time World BJJ Champion) • @shakirabarrera (Actress & Activist)
  • 10-07-2019 01:08:13 1736 likes Two things about this video: 1. Our buddy @the.evan.carr did great; very proud of that young man. And 2. @vincetheanomaly #MMA knowledge is through the roof. He shares such valuable insight at the end of this video -- stuff that will help you bridge the gap from thinking like an amateur to a fighting like a pro. Full breakdown on #FIGHTTIPS
  • 07-07-2019 23:12:28 9321 likes 🥋🥊 #FIGHTTIPSCombo 156: an aggressive go-to #boxing combo of mine. To start: fake a jab to inch forward and get your opponent to flinch, then fire a cross down the pipe. Already be moving your head, as you sit down to weave, but immediately change direction back to where you came from. As you raise your level back up, dig a lead hook around the guard, and finish with a quick 1-2. You'll have fun with this one, once you get the #rhythm down
  • 06-07-2019 20:14:26 2515 likes The van tour continues! July 13 I'll be in Charlotte, NC to hold a seminar with @ryanhooverftf & @knight_jiu_jitsu_! This 5-hour event is going to be epic -- striking & range managenent, clinch control & takedowns, and securing positions & submissions. This #selfdefense seminar is open to the public and all experience levels -- simply reserve your spot by going to the link on my story!
  • 06-07-2019 00:52:39 5298 likes We've been living out of a van for 2 weeks now, and it's been the most incredible experience -- driving the country, and training martial arts! Here in episode 1, we travel to the world-famous Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas, to get some sparring in with undefeated pro: @rolliesss. We have a TON of cool stops planned, so feel free to follow us on our journey throughout the fight world🥋 Please comment suggestions for stops we should add to our list!
  • 02-07-2019 22:11:28 13752 likes 2 rounds #sparring with undefeated knockout artist @rolliesss at the famous Mayweather #Boxing Gym. Enjoy!
  • 01-07-2019 23:22:27 16537 likes Luke (@lukejackson)asked me to share this video, and I don't want him to catch me with that right hand, so I had to do it Notice the subtle head shift and rear foot repositioning, then the quick right counter. But for real, I don't charge money to share peoples stuff. If I think it will benefit you, I'll share it. Speaking of, I also share social media advice with my partner @vinnie_vellucci (who shares business advice) on our HiddenGyms Facebook page. Link in bio if you're looking for help in those areas.
  • 30-06-2019 22:42:13 9665 likes I’m having trouble writing a caption for how cool today’s seminar was with @jiujitsumatrix at today’s Philly seminar at @balancemma. Had an absolute blast with you all, practicing our yoga, bjj, boxing, kickboxing, even capoeira. Martial arts is the blending of styles and people; I learn something new and make friends every single day. 🥋
  • 29-06-2019 18:38:28 8028 likes 🥋🥊 #FIGHTTIPSCombo 155: sorry for the delay, but I'm back with another #kickboxing combo for you guys! We are working the lead side with this one, initiating with a jab. From here, simply shift your weight back, lift that knee high, and snap the lead roundhouse kick. HINT: You're going to want to adjust your rear foot, but see if you can minimize/eliminate that movement and JUST KICK. Then we add some mustard on the next kick, by loading up the hips & shoulders with a quick switch step. Draw that leg all the way back on the retraction, landing in a switch stance, and fire a straight cross down the center. Then do it from #southpaw! Any requests for next weeks combo? Drop me a comment! Bookmark/screenshot so you can practice this one later!