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  • 16-07-2019 19:55:11 559 likes Got up at 530 am, on the water by 630, and with the help of a favorable tailwind completed the last 32 km to the native town of Brochet in record time. It’s a small, dusty, friendly town and yes, they have ice cream sandwiches at the Northern Store. Also sent back about 15 lbs of excess gear - tomorrow I start upriver on the Cochrane River and will feel every extra pound paddling against the current and lining/dragging through the rapids. Next civilization stop: Lac Brochet! #brochet #reindeerlake #manitoba #stephankesting #1000milesolo
  • 16-07-2019 19:50:05 500 likes Windbound for most of day 15. Despite being only about 30 km from the Brochet reservation and the Cochrane river at the start of the day progress on Reindeer Lake was stymied this morning by a strong north wind that had whipped up whitecaps. Instead of struggling in the waves, always a dangerous proposition on a lake this size, I laid low. A few naps to repair the body, a bit of tape and glue to repair gear, and lists written out to organize my time in Brochet when I get there. Often these strong winds start to decline in the early evening so I ate a large dinner at 2 pm in preparation for a possible night paddle. The waters started to smooth out by 5 pm, so I paddled from 6 to 9:45 pm, covering 18 km as the bird flies but more like 24 as the fish swims. Being windbound occasionally is just what you sign up for when you’re doing trips that involve large lakes. You just need to be ready to seize opportunities when they arise. Camped tonight on a small nondescript beach with suspicious 1-2 day old tracks in the sand, almost certainly bear. I set up my bear alarm system for the first time tonight - the only downside is that if the alarm goes off it’ll scare me just as much as the bear! #1000milesolo #windbound #stephankesting #reindeerlake
  • 12-07-2019 08:29:16 763 likes An unexpected evening of socializing on Reindeer Lake! Iʼve been on other large lakes but none have been so complicated, involuted and be speckled with islands as Reindeer Lake. There are bays you can go downfor 60 km if you make the wrong turn, so knowing where you are at all times is absolutely critical. The advantage of all these bays and islands is that you have options. You can use them to shield you from the wind and waves as well as have them in your back pocket as potential bail out points on the longer crossings. Since leaving Southend yesterday at about 11 am I spent the day taking advantage of the placid conditions and the light tailwind while sneaking up channels and hugging islands in case the weather changed (which it didnʼt). A few fishermen and natives traveling to Kinasoo and back were also on the lake, speeding along far away with their outboard powered Lund boats. So In the evening while approaching McFarlane Island I was quite surprised to hear music. Was there another camper or cabin owner with a ghetto blaster cranked up all the way perhaps? After a quick search the source of the music became evident: there was a huge celebration going on with at least 250 people. It was the 20th annual Family Camp of the Peter Ballentyne Cree Nation. I wasnʼt angling to attend but I quickly got invited up for a cup of tea by Victor and that soon turned into a delicious dinner, socializing and even a place to stay for the night! #peterballentynecreenation #northernhospitality #unexpected #1000milesolo #stephankesting #canoeing