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Showcasing the serene & peaceful side of Pakistan & taking trips to some breathtaking places
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  • 08-07-2019 16:49:23 398 likes The use of wood planks in Arang kel's houses - Credits @abdulllahmalik
  • 04-07-2019 15:16:45 481 likes So back in 2017 i (@abdulllahmalik) was in Hopar valley when i got my hands on this beautiful gemstone. I immediately bought a few. How many of you have had the chance to grab one?
  • 28-06-2019 12:50:28 560 likes Have u ever seen fungus as beautiful as the one on the stone - Ratti gali lake in the background - - Pic via @abdulllahmalik
  • 27-06-2019 16:06:37 221 likes 10 rupay chahye is kashmiri bachay ko ek picture k liye - Video via @abdulllahmalik
  • 27-06-2019 13:56:42 999 likes #Repost @ali_awaiss ・・・ On our day 2 trip in swat, we decided to visit Mahodand and Saifullah lakes. I was excited to see the beautiful blue colored mahodand lake with trees and mountains in background. As we reached the place, i was so disappointed to see natural beauty of the lake destroyed by the tents, jeeps, shops, hotels and lots of people littering all over the place. But i found a peaceful side where there were only horses and cows grazing in the green meadow. Beautiful dramatic light created by the play of weather, and the mountains in the background created a perfect view for me to capture. . Mahodand Lake, Swat, KP, Pakistan #travel #travelgram #traveladdict #Pakistan #naturepakistan #khyberpakhtunkhwa #swat #travelawesome #travelinspiration #travellife #traveldiary #wanderlust #voyaged
  • 23-06-2019 18:59:32 804 likes Hidden paradise of Baltistan. Basho Valley, Skardu. - Pic via @uzair_ahmads_photography
  • 23-06-2019 16:20:39 202 likes Just a glimpse of the beauty ARANG KEL has to offer in summers - Video via @abdulllahmalik
  • 23-06-2019 09:58:10 684 likes So you keep your ocean, I will take the lake . Upper Kachura Lake, Skardu Travel Pakistan Travel Gilgit Baltistan - Pic via @gojophotography
  • 21-06-2019 11:19:04 372 likes Hi this is @abdulllahmalik (founder of the page) with this One video at ten different spots - If u you have any such videos of yours then do share with us by using our hashtag. We will post on our page.
  • 21-06-2019 10:14:40 1572 likes Camping amidst the wild and snowy jungle with the Nanga Parbat AKA Killer mountain in the foreground is one the of greatest pleasures - Pic via @mr.hunzai
  • 12-06-2019 21:53:31 772 likes @ladywithabigbag at baltit fort, kinda camouflaging with the stunning background
  • 09-05-2019 12:40:27 533 likes Hiran minar looks stunning in black & white - Shot by @gillgram_