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  • 21-08-2019 17:33:05 163 likes I'm crying
  • 20-08-2019 19:09:50 100 likes Keep the volume 95% to feel better. You'll never find a best way to show affection to your siblings/friends/bf/gf or any other. Do not miss the chance. Tag them so they could understand your love.
  • 20-08-2019 16:38:03 208 likes
  • 19-08-2019 19:50:31 260 likes DOUBLE TAP if this happens. Started around 2 month back and we are 1000 followers community now. I'm happy I was able to come this far without anyone's help. Thanks for following along. I hope I add little bit of joy in your life when u open ur IG feed. Reading fake tweets uploaded on account. Recently I started posting videos submitted by users and you guys liked it. I really love interacting with few of you via DM's. Just a request to you which won't take much of your time, Whenever u relate to content uploaded here, tag ur homies who would relate too. It would help engaging with new users. Much love. If you have anything to say please post below. I would really love to hear your thoughts.
  • 19-08-2019 14:13:25 286 likes He actually laughed OMFG *Can you guys make it go viral by tagging ur friends. Thanks*
  • 18-08-2019 18:08:56 270 likes When she said NO. I felt that.
  • 17-08-2019 19:04:25 268 likes First day at gym be like.
  • 15-08-2019 15:33:08 212 likes Tag a friend whose child gonna be like him (Via @spicyboip )
  • 13-08-2019 21:11:17 280 likes Seriously man.
  • 12-08-2019 16:52:40 189 likes Spitting out straight facts.
  • 11-08-2019 15:20:27 163 likes Every damn time