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Let the Valiant era begin... #Bloodshot2020

16-01-2019 20:40:50

Ray Garrison is a central character in the Valiant Comic Universe... And for me personally, one of the must complex characters I have been fortunate enough to play. Hope to make you proud... #BLOODSHOT

16-01-2019 20:37:47

Smile much? Haha... To my friend Norman Jean Roy, thank you for another amazing photo shoot. Your talent is a blessing. Gracias.

15-01-2019 23:29:11

Had the best time celebrating Nina’s 30th this weekend... everyone was such a delight. We collectively wanted to show this little angel how much she means to us... Happy Birthday Love!

15-01-2019 03:36:34


10-01-2019 06:28:41

Happy Holidays! Grateful and blessed. #leadwithlove

25-12-2018 21:17:37

Happy Holidays!

12-12-2018 05:17:06


30-11-2018 22:52:02

Thankful for you... #leadwithlove

23-11-2018 02:00:20

So grateful for the experience of filming Bloodshot in Africa... Thank you all for making us feel like home and giving all of that beautiful talent to make what will be a very special film. Looking forward to my inevitable return. #leadwithlove

18-11-2018 06:38:24

Grateful to have gotten to know you. Thank you for exploring our Universal quest for the heroic ideal. More importantly thank you for that powerful smile that made us all feel like we mattered. We will miss you.

14-11-2018 04:46:43

Proud, blessed and grateful... #Bloodshot

26-10-2018 17:45:36