Cold start after work. I always record a video because that 4.6 just sounds better. I lied about the next mod. Next mod is shorty headers and maybe a roush axle back.

19-01-2019 23:04:44

Front end Friday. Next mod is better brakes.

12-01-2019 03:57:08

El #Corvette En proceso de detallado. #vette #ls2 #v8 #v8chile #v8owners #detailing #rupes #meguiars #shiny

18-12-2018 02:53:22

Well, who knew I would own a mustang s197 8 years after I got this shirt. If i remember right. My mom bought me this shirt. When I was that age I only liked imports, that's why the shirt looks new. Just been sitting lol. My goals are to make my s197 look the same as the one on the shirt.

11-12-2018 01:44:22