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Open me! 📧 As we age, we enjoy the comfort of life: our warm houses, sitting down, relaxing and eating nice food - who doesn’t? 🍕😋 But, what if we told you, this is damaging your health-span? Your body THRIVES in survival mode. This is a huge factor behind the benefits of fasting, cold water emersion, and exercise, because when your body thinks it’s dying, it produces longevity cells! 🤸⚡️ So, what are you waiting for? Try something new today, even if it just means getting out of breath through exercise! 🏋️‍♂️ Credit: @antiagingtipsorg #livinglonger #survivalmode #icebaths #wellness #ageingbackwards #healthspan #reverseageing #biohacking #biohackingsecrets #longevity #healthyliving

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I recently stumbled upon this comment by a lipidologist physician: "I’m amazed that Rapamycin is getting so much press as a longevity drug when Rosuvastatin has proven to extend life." Here are my thoughts around this 1) One big difference between Rapamycin and Rosuvastatin is what they target. Rosuvastatin is a form of statin for lowering high cholesterol levels and by that decreasing the risk for cardiovascular disease. It targets the risks of a SPECIFIC age-related disease which is cardiovascular disease. The research data that statins work in humans is strong. When it comes to Rapamycin then the assumption is that it targets the biggest risk factor for ALL types of age-related diseases which is aging itself. But the research data is very limited when it comes to if it will work in humans. The research data that exist are in multiple other species and it shows a good longevity effect which is unique. So from a longevity perspective then Rapamycin is one of the most promising compounds for slowing down aging. 2) One recent preprint study found that a statin called Atorvastin is correlated with a decrease in all-cause mortality in humans (DOI: 10.1101/2024.03.08.24303967). This means that it may be that Atorvastin does not only target a specific disease and instead has a more broader target. But much more research is needed because this is just a correlation that was found. If this effect is also connected to other statins such as Rosuvastatin we don’t yet know but this is an interesting data point. 3) The global statin market reached 15.4 USD Billion in 2023 and it’s estimated to grow a lot more (Report ID: SR112024A1885). If we look at the funding, research and press when it comes to Rapamycin then it’s nowhere near the big magnitude of what statin gets. It’s ridiculously low attention that Rapamycin gets. My initiative with the Rapamycin Longevity Lab is one way of starting to change this together with other dedicated people. PS. I want to point out that I’m not against statins. My plan is to start taking a low dose of Rosuvastatin this year to lower my ApoB levels to more preferable levels.

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Who is a Body Architect ? Body Architects are skilled professionals who meticulously design and tailor fitness and wellness regimens to sculpt and shape the human body according to their ‘ desires and goals, blending exercise science, nutrition, and personalized training techniques for optimal results. #body #bodyarchitect #healthcoach #longevity #well #wellnesscoach #mentalhealth #physical #physicalhealth #emotional #emotions #emotionalhealth

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Lascia il tuo ego alla porta e raggiungi obiettivi in maniera sostenibile. Fare di più non necessariamente significa ottenere risultati più velocemente. Concentrati prima sulla qualità dell’allenamento e del cibo e poi concentrati nel mantenere la costanza, questo ha un impatto maggiore sui tuoi risultati. La costanza è la chiave per progredire in qualsiasi area della tua vita. Le tue azioni parlano più forte delle tue parole: fai un piano, eseguilo, fallisci, ripeti fino al successo e se serve fatti aiutare da un professionista. Questo ti permette di guadagnare tempo e di non sprecare energie inutilmente! Ogni settimana inizia il nostro nuovo Ciclo di Forza. Cosa otterrai dal programma? ⬇️ ⚡️ progressioni strutturate in macro e micro cicli 💪 costruire una solida base 🔥 migliorare la capacità aerobica 🤸‍♂️ aumentare la tua capacità ginnica 🔎 link in bio #emotionfit #montecosaro #piccittoprogram #fitness #elevateyourself #elevateyourfitness #style #life #lifestyle #longevity #healthy

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Our gold lovers’ dream earring collection, ✨perfect for the spring/summer season! ☀️These earrings are sure to brighten up any day and complement any outfit.✨☀️✨ Launching 22nd April ✨ #earrings #goldplated #keepshining #jewellery #quality #durability #longevity #everyday #earringslovers #launchingsoon #sunshine #suryachamak #goldlover

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Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about love and relationships later in life. - Jillian Turecki (Repost @jillianturecki ) I love her honesty about relationships. These all feel true to me. What are your thoughts? … What’s the Longevity angle re: Relationships: We’ve heard the statistics that being in a bad relationship can negatively impact our health, equivalent to the damage of smoking 2 packs or cigarettes a day (due to stress, I presume.) Conversely- having a HEALTHY relationship can indeed positively impact longevity. Research suggests that being in a supportive and loving partnership can lead to lower levels of stress, improved mental health, and healthier lifestyle behaviors, all of which contribute to a longer life. Studies like those conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have found that individuals in happy marriages tend to live longer than those in unhappy ones. These findings highlight the importance of emotional support and companionship in promoting overall well-being & longevity. (We are a pair bonding species after all.) On the other hand, stressful relationships can have detrimental effects on health & longevity. Research published in the Journal of Marriage & Family and the Journal of Health & Social Behavior has linked high levels of conflict, dissatisfaction & tension in relationships to increased risk of chronic illnesses, weakened immune function & premature mortality. The chronic stress experienced in troubled relationships can contribute to inflammation, heart problems, & other health issues that can shorten lifespan. A healthy love relationship characterized by mutual respect, support & communication can contribute to a longer & happier life, while being in a stressful or unsatisfying relationship may have the opposite effect. It underscores the importance of nurturing positive relationships for overall well-being & longevity. favorable to our health. ;) #lovestory #healthspan #longevity #relationships #healthylove #healthylifestyle #healthylove #relationshipquotes #relationshipadvice

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🌟 Love: The Ultimate Force for Good 🌟 As a longevity and mindset coach, I've encountered countless strategies that claim to transform lives. But the most powerful? Love. Love is not just a feeling—it's a potent force that drives us, heals us, and uplifts us. It enriches our spirits and extends our years. Imagine harnessing this force in every interaction. Whether it's with family, friends, or strangers, approach each person with compassion and kindness. This mindset doesn't just change the room; it changes the world. Remember, when you choose love, you choose to leave a legacy of positivity and wellness that reverberates through ages. Let's commit to making love our mission, our strategy, and our legacy. Because at the end of the day, love is truly the greatest force for good. 💖 #LoveAndLongevity #MindsetMatters #TransformWithLove #maxperformancehealth #love #hope #longevity #vitality #functionalmedicine #regenerativemedicine #florida #sarasota #miami #tampa #orlando #jacksonville #chronicdisease

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Life hack #7: Be happy.⁠ ⁠ Uit onderzoek blijkt dat gelukkige mensen gemiddeld genomen gezonder zijn en langer leven dan ongelukkige mensen. Maar komt dit omdat gelukkig zijn een mens gezonder maakt, of omdat gezond zijn een mens gelukkiger maakt? In ieder geval werkt het hebben van een optimistische houding stressverlagend, wat positieve effecten kan hebben voor de gezondheid.⁠ 😄⁠ ⁠ Probeer jij altijd alles van de zonnige kant te bekijken? Of word je al verdrietig van het idee? Bezoek Living Looonger, de nieuwe tentoonstelling over ouder worden, jong blijven en sterfelijk zijn in De Studio van NEMO.⁠ Kijk voor meer informatie op: nemosciencemuseum.nl/livinglooonger⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #NEMOdestudio

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